Feb 21, Undicisettembre continues its effort to preserve the memories of the tragic events of 9/ .. Undicisettembre: How does 9/11 effect your everyday life? . 11/9 La cospirazione impossibile, a cura di Massimo Polidoro, scritto. Jun 9, 11 SETTEMBRE -WORLD TRADE CENTER -PENTAGONO – WASHINGTON (CAMPIDOGLIO/CASA BIANCA) DOVE? -Il Campidoglio. statunitense gli ha detto chiaramente che l’11 settembre è stato un auto- attentato. non può essere liquidato semplicemente come un “teorico della cospirazione”. “Osama bin Laden era decisamente morto, quindi è impossibile che.

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Ex capitano del corpo dei Marine. They settrmbre experience what living like a slave is like, barely surviving while their masters live in opulence.

Why is it “terrorism” when Palestinians defend themselves against Israeli brutality but what Israel does is not “terrorism”? We shall welcome the ensuing chaos as a return of liberty.

Why was there no evidence found at the Pentagon of the impact of a Boeing ? It was used by Hitler.

Episodi di CSI: NY (ottava stagione) – Wikipedia

Iraq’s missiles can reach parts of Europe and Russia but neither Europe nor Russia considers Iraq a threat; indeed, in mid Russia signed a multi-billion cozpirazione trade deal with Iraq. Well, you’re not supposed to.

For other similarities see Perils of Cocaine Abuse. Bush that war was planned. Edgar Hoovera scumbag President Nixon succeeded by a series of traitors possessing only contempt setttembre the U. Air Force, the CIA, the Justice Department and FEMA possibly with the involvement of well-placed civilians outside the governmentacting under orders from, or with the approval of, high officials within the U.

Is it not false that this consisted only of lightweight flimsy trusses?

Books by Paolo Attivissimo

Presumably the owners of the World Trade Center though perhaps they could not have pushed the button without first obtaining permission from FEMA. Per ulteriori dettagli sul Global Hawk vedi Operazione Does the Fireman’s Video show that the plane which hit the North Tower did not have engines attached to the wings and thus was not a Boeing ? Larkin — Ex funzionario delle operazioni della Cia. I supposti piloti dirottatori, Mohammed Atta, Marwanal Al-Shehhi e Hani Hanjour avevano ricevuto istruzioni di volo ma erano considerati dai loro istruttori come incompetenti a pilotare perfino piccoli aerei a monomotore.


Was the booking system tampered with in order to ensure such low occupancy rates so that the passengers from all four planes could eventually be loaded onto UA Lw 93 for elimination?

Several thousand civilians died in the collapse of the WTC towers, and hundreds of military personnel were killed in the attack on the Pentagon though the numbers are small compared to the hundreds of thousands of civilians incinerated in the U. Riesci a vedere qualche resto delle circa tonnellate di metallo compreso motori, ali e coda Can you see any remains of the approximately tons of metal including engines, wings and tail section che compongono un Boeing ?

Nessuno dei presenti riporta gravi danni, ad eccezione della padrona di casa che muore, apparentemente, schiacciata dalle macerie. Everything the German Nazis did was legal, either because they appointed corrupt judges to interpret existing law as the Nazis wished or because they enacted laws to allow them to do what they wished to do as has again occurred in the U.

Antonia Zerbisias, Toronto Star, Are they representative of what America stands for? But this trust has now been betrayed.

But, of course, since those killed were not Americans, British or Australians, this is of no concern, except insofar as it might result in international condemnation, making it difficult to maintain the “international coalition” that the U. Ha lavorato in stazioni della Cia all’estero e nel centro di controspionaggio della Cia, aiutando impossibbile dirigere una task force fra agenzie e dei seminari sul coordinamento dei servizi segreti, fra agenzie di intelligence e prevenzione del crimine.


To those in the higher echelons of a government of a terrorist state which, by means of its military and its CIA, has killed tens of millions of civilians in foreign countries, the killing of a few thousand of their fellow citizens is simply another exercise in mass murder, needing a little more planning, but not much different to what they and their predecessors have done before.

Why are the architect’s plans of the Twin Towers not publicly available? Government The instigators and scripters of the “War on Terrorism”, who impossibils their trust in modern technology and propagandabelieve themselves invincible in their drive to enslave everyone, American and non-American alike. And any nation which, by providing military support to the American war machine, condones this barbarity forfeits as the United States has already forfeited any claim it might have to be regarded as a civilized nation in the eyes of the world.

And why has this apparent incompetence been rewarded with yet more billions? Menu di navigazione Strumenti personali Accesso non effettuato discussioni contributi registrati entra. Have America’s geopolitical strategists really thought through the consequences of an attack on Iraq and of what they plan thereafter? Louis Freeh — Direttore dell’Fbi dal al A Review of The New Pearl Harbor The implications of the accumulated evidence is that the Bush administration was complicit in the events of September 11th, and not merely a victim of structural problems or incompetence on the part fospirazione the intelligence establishment.

Just as the Oklahoma City Bombing created a situation conducive to the government’s rushing through “anti-terrorist” legislation this “Attack on America” provided a further cospirazioje justification for eliminating whatever civil liberties the American people had up to now cospriazione to hold on to.