Mit dieser kostenlosen Einbürgerungstest Deutschland App können Sie sich gezielt auf den Einbürgerungstest vorbereiten und so dem Ziel den deutschen. Here you can become acquainted online with the General Catalogue of test questions for the naturalisation test, including the questions about the different. It consists of 33 multiple choice questions chosen at random from an item bank of potential questions ( apply to Germany as a whole, 10 are particular to.

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After you have attempted each question, the correct answer will be displayed:.

Alle 300 Fragen und Antworten zum Einbürgerungstest der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, Seite 2

Service Center From Monday to Friday When reporting a submission or comment, please message the moderators with a short explanation of the reasons for the report. When official citizenship test 33 will be provided, of which 17 must be answered correctly in order for the test is passed. Posts that do not concern the German language or learning German einbuergerungsest be removed. Here is a link to sample questions from a somewhat similar test proposed a couple of years earlier by the state of Hessen.

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Submit a new text post. Those wishing to study for the test can purchase books listing einbuergerungstrst the possible questions and explaining the correct einbuegerungstest. Look at this test as follows: Count the days until you say YES, share love quotes, write a wedding to-do list.

Check our Wiki for materials and tips and the FAQ for frequently asked questions before posting.

New Year Countdown This article is available in these languages. Contact Do you have any questions?

Make waiting for your trip more fun by counting einbueryerungstest the days until you leave. Translate the description back to German Germany Translate. Also, please keep in mind that teachers are well aware of sudden jumps in the level of your college German ; 5 Please do not use this reddit to solicit for-profit einbuergerungstesr learning courses or paid programs. The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees does not accept any responsibility for the content of external websites.


Also, please keep in mind that teachers are well aware of sudden jumps in the level of your college German.

Here is a link to the complete catalog of test questions, einbueergerungstest state-specific questions select the state from the menu on the start pagealso provided by the Bundesministerium des Innern. This version will provide detailed feedback on the correct answers after you submit your responses.

So the Lernefffekt is particularized high! So ist der Lernefffekt besondert hoch! Submit a new link.

This page To the Top. German comments other discussions 2. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

This app contains the latest issues of the citizenship test Germany, which is called “Living in Germany” since. Baby Countdown – My Pregnancy. The test, which includes many questions most Germans would have difficulty with, was debated and criticized since its conception. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

All the test questions comply with the task catalogues approved by the Federal Ministry of the Interior. Resources for German Students and Teachers. Since 1 Septemberforeigners must pass a naturalization nationwide naturalization test in Germany.

Account Options Sign in. Pick a flair according to your level. For each question four possible answers are given, one of which is just right.

Countdown until the day you retire. The questions are asked in a random and the answers are sorted differently for each run. Based on this sample, the Austrian test seems quite a bit harder than the German einbjergerungstest, though perhaps they intentionally chose more difficult sample questions in order to sell their software. One is an overview of the results of the last 10 test runs, so you can check your own knowledge and your progress at any time.


Make sure to edit your flair so it also contains some info about your region natives or your native language learners. German subscribe unsubscribe 67, readers users here now Home hot new top This is a community for learners of German and discussions of the German language. You can select each game, whether 10, 33, or questions to ask.

Some critics argue that some of frageen items are not entirely accurate. Here is a link to a pdf published by the Bundesministerium des Innern with all “country-wide” questions but no answers [You can click here to see the original version of the above item test on the website of the Bundesministerium des Innern.

Einbürgerungstest: Fragen & Antworten / Fragen : germany

Pick if German is your mother tongue. You can also familiarise yourself here with the model test sheet for the “Living in Germany” test and the naturalisation test, as well as studying it in detail using the interactive mode. Blue For non-natives and learners only.

After you have attempted each question, the correct answer will be displayed: The following resources may help you in taking this test: Asylum and refugee protection. This brief vocabulary list. After clicking on an answer, you will see “Richtige Antwort” appear in green next to the correct answer for that item.