For its hefty $ price tag, Aces & Eights is a solid deal. The book is very Unlike many other RPGs, Aces & Eights has no class system. A website celebrating Kenzer & Company’s Magnificent Wild West Roleplaying Game – Aces & Eights: Shattered Frontier!. (note: this is a review of the original Aces & Eights RPG, not the new edition) Aces & Eights is a spectacular game. I have to admit I had serious.

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Killbeggar’s Aces & Eights RPG Fanpage

The book is pages long. Let me say this right now: It’s a way to bring creative projects to life. Shattered Frontier is an American role-playing gamewritten by Jolly R.

You get a physical copy of the revolutionary Shot Clock game aid and standard gunfighter silhouette. The combat system works on “counts”; when combat starts you begin “counting” each tenth-of-a-second. This page was last edited on 13 Novemberat It had an alternate history, which is usually the kiss of death. Looks and feels just like leather to us, but we don’t actually have to rustle a cow to get it. I could easily see a group spending a whole session to run a trial or go prospecting.

Aces & Eights: Reloaded RPG

In the first appendix p. Its hyped just right, just as much as it deserves. If you are the original author and do not want them disseminated here please contact me at Killbeggar gmail. Yes, that’s “trials” not “trails”; the game assumes that sooner or later, one or more of the PCs will be up on criminal charges. There are also complete maps of two different towns, one a small sleepy town bordering on failure Black Horse and the other Lazarus a booming western town.

It makes a beautiful “thunk” noise if you let it go from as little as an inch over a table. Its very well designed in that sense. The are a little bit different that those in the main Aces and Eights core book. We plan to make this domestically, obviating delays from overseas. The eigts are copyright by Craig Zipse. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Rppg. But the game is not over-hyped.


This affects everything from your speed, to your ability to hit, to your resistance to panicking if shot at or hit. After all, that’s what most everyone is going to want to do in a wild west game, a shootout.

Publishing quality RPGs is a challenging business, but we know how to finish books and see them to print — we’ve done it hundreds of times. The section on firearms is gorgeous, featuring in full-colour glossy paper just like the entire rest of the book two weapons per page, with details, costs, range modifiers, and beautiful picture of the gun itself, along with its ammo.

Navigation Welcome to my homestead pardner. Sights designed this Kickstarter to epg all western fans belly up to the table and claim a stake in the action. Except here, it doesn’t bother me, in fact it works. In a way, that makes sense given how variable careers go in this setting, where you might be a prospector today and a bartender tomorrow, but still, a bit more structure would have been good.

The rules for bar brawls and criminal trials, on the other hand, were pretty complicated and took some time to savvy. The Deck of Many Stagecoach Passengers. A collection of Western weapons with manufacturing dates and vital statistics.

Aces & Eights: Reloaded, a Wild West role playing game by Kenzer and Company — Kickstarter

Character creation, for one. The skill system is a little unusual, and was confusing at first, because unlike just about every other RPG I’ve ever seen, the percentage number you get for your skills is your percentage chance of FAILING, not of success. I should also note that a number of the rules and sub-rules make use of standard playing cards.

Archived from the original PDF on There are statblocks for sample NPCs of all the generic varieties, from sheriffs to judges to pimps to stable boys.


Yes, its alt-history, but its not nearly as annoying as others I’ve seen, because the authors have gone out of their way to make it plausible. A simple tool that does an awesome job. Showdown covers just the basic character creation and combat rules of the game along with a few znd scenarios and a map of the fictional towns of Lazarus and Black Horse.

You can see the linear connection in the rules. What it does have is a system that really works well. So let’s start where the book starts, looking at gunfights.

Aces & Eights: Shattered Frontier

Apr 13, – May 24, 40 days. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Just be sure to keep plenty of tissue nearby when your book arrives; the drool-factor on this product is through the roof! Posted by RPGPundit at You place the center of the shot clock over whatever part of the body you’re aiming at so you can aim at any part you like, but aiming at the center dpg the body means that you’ll be covering more of the body with ajd shot clock, improving the chance that if you don’t hit the bull’s eye you might still hit the dude anyways.

Reward no longer available 10 backers. They accomplish this nicely acew the “shattered frontier”, a history where the civil war began much earlier, and ended in a stalemate; and now the west is split among five influential powers: Can also be played as a skirmish-level miniatures battle.

Again, theres nothing necessary about this section, you can use it if you think its going to be important to your game, but if you don’t want the added complexity, just leave it out.