User Guide for Alcatel Telephone. Advanced Phone Features For The Alcatel set is equipped with the following elements: 1. Handset. 2. Alcatel OmniPCX . The list of programmable features can be found in your User guide. Þ. END of Alcatel. OmniPCX™ and REFLEXES™. Alcatel Advanced Reflexes™ Alcatel OmniPCX Office ARCHITECTS OF AN INTERNET WORLD User guide How Thank you for choosing one of our Reflexes .

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See Table of Codes.

Alcatel Advanced Reflexes manual

The Alcatel set is equipped with the following elements:. Programming an appointment reminder.

Then, the first call is put on hold automatically and icon changed from to. Hang up after conversation. An asterisk indicates each digit or the code.

You can send a message while advaced for your party to answer: Don’t show me this message again. Keys and icons Your multi-line terminal has 8 pre-programmed station keys and 16 station keys programmable by you the user or your installation technician.

Getting information about camped-on calls. Dial the pre-set code.

Please ring tomorrow 3. To change the associate number: Call forwarding after ringing without answer call forwarding on no anwser ByNoA: Create system speed phonebook 10 Dial 9 or lift the handset and dial 9 ; then dial the number you wish to reach.

Overflowing calls to an associate number If you have already defined slcatel associate number see “Changing the associate number”you can forward your calls to that extension, voice mail, or other number. Advajced follow me RemFwd: END To cancel this number, proceed in the same way, but dial your own extension number instead of the associate number. Hiding your identity ISDN call. A specific telephone within a group can always be called by using its own number.


Alcatel Advanced Reflexes 4035 manual

To recover your parked call at the destination station: How You have an Alcatel Advanced Reflexes digital telephone. Description of an action or context.

Dial the code for the “Station group – exit” feature, or 31 C A L L S When an internal party who is a member of your intercom group calls you, your terminal rings your mic is activated and you are immediately connected on a hands-free basis. You may however, use a damp cloth to gently clean the telephone. Operat Programme company data. The display will indicate that your entry has been accepted. BargIn 1 Dial the code for the “Barge-in” feature or 2 Your entry into the conversation is indicated to the parties by a signal and on equipped stations, by manuql display.

Identifying a malicious call ISDN call.

Passwd Option Custo OK old code 4 digits. To enter a programmed conference call: The handset volume level is indicated on the screen for reflexea few seconds. To use Common Hold: Business account code Subst: Diverting calls when your line is busy divert if busy. To increase station speaker handset advancex or ringer volume.

Operation is subject to the following two conditions: Alphabetic keypad Protected by a flap, used for call by name, message service and programming. During the conversation, you can lift the handset and continue without interruption. Set temporary appointment RemOff: To park a call: To make a call, activate a service or manage your calls. Navigation Concept The Advnced is used to select directory pages, or available features, or to scroll through the pages appearing on the two-line display which, in turn, designates the feature for each display key.


Alcatel Advance Reflex Telephone User Guide |

If a call is parked for more than the predefined period of time, it is automatically sent to rerlexes attendant or other designated number within the system. The new call rings and your display shows caller information until you answer or the call is forwarded, or the caller sets camp-on. If the name entered does alcarel contain any spaces, the search is automatically made on the name.

You can always contact a specific terminal within the group directly by dialing its individual number. When you receive an internal call, your telephone rings and you are connected directly in hands free mode. Dual Tone Multi-Frequency dialing. Call Park 7 8. To review the log of external calls: Open the flap to use the keypad 2.