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The speaker wire may be connect by bare wire directly connected, usually for permanent connectionsbanana plug, or spade connector. This fans are xmerican to cool the internal parts of the amplifier when in use. Always be sure the source voltage for your areas matches the required voltage for your amplifier. If your speaker lines short, the amplifier automatically detects this problem and discontinues operation for that channel. Amplifiers are shipped in stereo mode.

Turn your equipment on your amplifier should always be the last item you turn on. A limiter takes the gain of an overloading signal and reduces it, the reduction in gain reduces distortion that can cause damage to your speakers and amplifier.

Use the channel one gain to regulate your amplifier output. Be sure your amplifier and all other audio equipment is powered down. Be sure that supplied voltage matches that of the required voltage of you amplifier. Always use the 50 Hz filter setting if you are using the amplifier to drive a distributed line system also known f3000 a constant-voltage line, 70 volt line, etc.

Connect your inputs into channels one and two of the amplifier. During normal operation below clipping, and momentary clips on peaks, the limiter does not affect the audio signal and is inaudible. When dip switches 2 and 3 are in the “ON” the filter will cut off frequencies at and below 30Hz, when these dip switches are in the “OFF” position the filter will cut off frequencies at and below 50Hz.


To prevent electrical shock or fire hazard, do not expose this amplifier to rain or moisture. Turn your input source level up. The limiter has a fixed threshold and can not be adjusted. Clipping should be kept to a reasonable minimum. An ultrasonic network uncouples RF from the output and helps keep the amplifier stable with reactive loads. Objects have fallen, or liquid has been spilled into the unit.

Mobile ADJ Product Parts – Lighting Online Parts Store

Insert the bare wire into the hole that was reveled by unscrewing the binding post cap. This LED may glow when the unit has been turned off, this is normal. If it is lit about half the time, the amplifier channel will probably go into thermal protection within a few minutes. Turn channel two gain up. These amplifiers are designed to provide a big impact in sound reproduction.

American DJ V3000 2 Channel Professional Stereo Amplifier

di Although a speaker will operate with the positive and negative leads plugged into either terminal on the amplifier binding post, be sure to plug the negative lead into the black terminal and positive lead into Diagram 8 the red terminal. Carefully check the shipping carton for damage that may have occurred during shipping.


Below rated output, 8 ohms dB, unweighted dB, unweighted dB, unweighted dB, unweighted dB, unweighted Power Consumption: This is to protect any speakers connected to the channel. See limiter page In the event of an electrical overload the breaker will pop-out. See page 9 for more details on input configuration.

After inserting the wire into the binding post hole, screw the binding post cap down on the wire. Risiko – Elektrischer Schlag! The XLR jack is configured as follows; Pin three positive, pin two negative, pin one ground.

Under heavy clipping activity lower the channel one gain control to reduce the risk of damage to your speakers and amplifier. You may also visit us on the web at www. No hay piezas adentro que el usario puede reparar. Connect a Americam cable to the input of channel one. These fans are used to cool the maerican parts of the amplifier.

Be sure not to operate your amplifier below the minimum load ratings to reduce the risk of overheating problems. Diagram 6 Diagram 11 When connecting your speakers to the amplifier using spade connector; Unscrew the red and black caps on the binding post, be sure not to completely remove or unscrew the red and black caps. Circuit Breaker – This breaker is designed to protect the amplifier and your speakers in the event of americam AC overload. Cooling Fan – This is a dual speed cooling fan.