Antonius Stradivarius Cremonenfis Faciebat Anno 17 Violin. $ 6 bids. 12 watching. It is missing a string. I see no cracks or repairs. This violin is an antique Antonius Stradivarius model. Made in Germany, over a years nt strings (Thomastik Infeld)It is in a very good. Then she came across a label inside the instrument that said: Antonius Stradivarius Cremonensis; Faciebat Anno “I thought, now is this.

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The Smithsonian Institution, as a matter of legal and ethical policy, does not determine the monetary value of musical instruments.

Stradivarius Violin

Violins Bearing a Stradivarius Label Antonio Stradivari was born inand established his shop in Cremona, Italy, where he remained active until his death in Stradivari’s wife Francesca died on 20 Mayand received an elaborate funeral five days later.

It was his brothers when he was young. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The tuning pegs do move, the tail piece is intact.

Stradivarius Violin | eBay

Retrieved 9 September Ina Venetian banker ordered a complete set of instruments, which he planned to present to King James II of England. The violin is lined and has 4 corner blocks.


Some of his early violins were smaller, with notable exception to this is the Hellier violin, which had much larger proportions. Stradivari probably developed his own style slowly. The baptismal records of the parish of S.

Axelroduntil it recently [ when? As people rediscover these instruments today, the knowledge of where they came from is lost, and the labels can be misleading. Datedthis well-made violin looks and sounds wonderful.

Les Amis de la musique, This label has never been found or confirmed. Maria, a nun, would get an annuity, Alessandro, a priest, would get fixed income on a home mortgage loan and Giuseppe, another priest, would anronius some income on half a share from a pastry shop. Libreria del Convegno, Haweis, My Musical Lifestrafivarius.

For Every Stradivarius Violin Discovered, There Are Many Wannabes, Fakes

The Vienna Philharmonic uses four violins and one cello. As Omobono had left the dwelling aged eighteen in search of new employment possibilities in Naples, he left Antonio to pay for much of his living expenses. Browse Related Browse Related. Antonia Maria Zambelli m. Only some true Stradivarius violins exist, musical instrument experts say, and each is more or less accounted for.

The period from until the s is often termed the “golden period” of his production. Some researchers believe early instruments by Stradivarlus bear a stronger resemblance to Francesco Rugeri’s work than Amati’s.


This violin was bought from a lady who’s grandmother play it in her youth. At that time, the purchaser knew he was buying an inexpensive violin and accepted the label as a reference to its derivation.

For example, inStradivari bought his youngest son a partnership in a local textile firm for the large amount of 25, lire. Stradivari married his second wife, Antonia Maria Zambelli, on 24 August Below Stradivarius is written the word “sons” and Stradivari’s ancestry consisted of notable citizens of Cremonadating sgradivarius to at least the 12th or 13th century. Late-period instruments made from the late s until his death in show signs of Stradivari’s advancing age.

Voters decided that “collusion” should be banished for “mis-use, over-use and general uselessness. In the 18th century, Cremonese luthiers were the suppliers and local players on the demand side. This violin Is handmade and finished by one of our maker Mr. Antonius Stradivariys Kruse. Comes with unbranded bow and original case and some ros