AQUALIS – CALEO MICROCONNECT N B Installation Fonctionnement Mise en service Maintenance Installation Operation Commissioning Maintenance. Aqualis Caleo. 60H. 60HT. 70HT. Heating capacity *. kW. Power input *. kW. COP. Refrigerant fluid RC – Load. CIA. T CALEO. 10 – NA E. Instruction manual . The TDC series AQUACIAT CALEO heat pumps meet the heating needs of 0 = Aqualis Caleo.

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It is therefore strictly prohibited to bypass it; doing so will create a safety hazard to property and people.

Insulate the filter or install it indoors protect from freezing temperatures. Hoses must be used to connect the water pipes to limit as far as possible the vibrations transmitted to the building.

These instructions covers the installation of replacement coil kit into More information. Connection – Attach the two wires to the terminal Fig.

Location in room The terminal should be installed at a recommended height of 1. Make sure the terminals are securely tightened.


This can be done by opening the manual bleed valve located under the unit cover when turning the unit on or by installing a section of the water line and aqhalis automatic bleed valve over the unit.


The compressor will start up after a few seconds. Mandatory annual checks Leaks on the refrigeration circuit.

Check for any water or oil leaks around the unit and make sure the condensate water drains correctly. Determine the right speed for the circulator based on the system s pressure losses and the available pressure curves for the heat pump. Compressor operation Indicator 5: Selecting a location In most cases, the control terminal should be placed in the room in which the atmosphere is to be controlled. Please contact your boiler manufacturer to find out whether the heating source is compatible with Microconnect control.

Connect the kit and filter to the return water line. Check for any loose electrical connections. Although it is rain resistant, it may be installed under a shelter with adequate ventilation on all four sides.

The valve does not need to be separated from the heater by a shut-off valve.

Fig 1 1 Remove the middle screw rear of unit 2 Detach both ends as shown in picture 3 Remove of the top by sliding it toward the rear – The characteristics of the mains supply must be identical to those on the data plate. Anti-vibration mounts 4 mounting points M8 screws dia. Although it is rain resistant, it may be installed under a shelter with adequate ventilation on all four sides. It is not necessary to add glycol to your system if you are absolutely sure that there is no risk of freezing temperatures in your area.


Do not use products made with monoethylene glycol, which is toxic. In addition there is a 2 year parts warranty on the compressor More information.

Air/water heat pump – AQUALIS R series – CIAT

Check the water filters for dirt. To do so, first insert the tabs Fig. To do so, simply loosen the nut measure on the bottom of the pressure switch caldo. Description The Alpha Climatic energy.

Remove the top as shown in Figure 1 and make a connection to terminal block J1 on the PSU board the one with the contactor. Cool ing [kw] Heating [kw] 1 1 General. To solve the problem, swap aqualiis power supply phases. Room temperature controller for in-wall mounting 2 Room temperature controller for in-wall mounting with one weekly operating mode including individual hour modes and three hour modes, cooling function REV26 Mains-independent room temperature More information.

Stage-2 electric auxiliary unit operation Indicator 3: Minutes reverse quickly when pressed and held. L Always top up with the same type of mix initially used.