The people in rural areas of Karnataka and Kerala mainly depend on agriculture for their livelihood. The main crops grown are Arecanut and.

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There is a need to invent a machine to address both efficiency and safety. This machine is simple and a person with little technical knowledge can easily assemble it in an ordinary workshop. It is the main source through which climbwr is generated. But a very few are capable of climbing trees, main reason being irregular surface and variation of diameter with length [].

Driving wheels are machined from nylon rods having diameter of mm which is used to provide firm grip and also to operate the machine so that it climbs the tree easily.

Climbing Mechanism and Working The arecanut tree climbing and spraying machine works on the basic principle of friction that is the relative lateral motion arfcanut two solid surfaces in contact.

The machine should grab the tree firmly to maintain its positions during the operation. We are currently working on to reduce the weight and with some alterations in the machine, we will be able to do it. It provide the very essential torque for the setup to climb up and come down along the length of the tree.

Students of Sahyadri College of Eng develop a low-cost areca nut tree climbing machine!!

Many climberr like coconut tree, arecanut tree, and palm trees are so tall that climbing them becomes risky. A specially designed remote controlled spraying unit is mounted on the frame. The spraying is done in monsoon, while harvest time is typically in summer. Due to the friction between drive wheel and the bark of the tree machine rises up zrecanut the length of the tree. The machine can be fitted with pesticide spraying unit or nut plucking tool.


Areca Nut Tree Climber, Model No.: ATC

H S Posted date: Tree climbing machine, Arecanut, Spraying machine. It has a robo cutter fixed to it and can be used to spray pesticides.

tee This is the most suitable machine for harvesting areca nuts without man climbing on the tree. Power from the battery is supplied to the motors using flexible wires and DPDT Double Pole Double Throw switch is used to control the movement of climbing machine as well as spraying unit. Therefore, maintaining sufficient friction force capable of handling the self-weight, maintaining the stability of the structure while in motion, reducing the total weight, and achieving the precise gripping are the important parameters that have to be considered.

Sukesh K S Type of entry: In other case, machine used cclimber long fixing time to attach the machine to the tree and arecaunt has certain limitations. Selection of the Wheel Average Change in circumference of the tree is taken as 30cm to 50cm. The setup is connected across the tree with the help of a brake cable.

Design and Fabrication of Arecanut Tree Climbing and Spraying Machine

Under the guidance of Prof Abdul Kareem. Areca nut tree climbing is a risky job that requires skilled labour.


A spring is used to provide sufficient grip to the wheel on the tree according to the change in the size of the tree. The remote is used to control the motor. The frame of the arecanut tree climber can be opened up and held across the tree. Also the bark of some trees may not be strong enough to bear the weight of the climbing device, hence conventional climbing machine cannot be used for tree climbing applications [].

An unskilled labour can also operate the machine safely and efficiently. So development of a unique tree climbing mechanism is necessary which may be used for maintaining and harvesting applications. Now the motors for controlling the nozzle attachment is switched ON with the help of remote, then these motors start to rotate. Hence harvesting fruits and nuts and maintaining them becomes difficult. Climbing Mechanism and Working 3. Remote Control Unit 5. It was observed that the maximum circumference of an arecanut tree is 50 cm and minimum circumference at the top is 30 cm.

Pulley and a brake cable is used to ensure smooth movement of the links. The machine can be used for spraying insecticides also.

The machine can be connected and detached from the areca nut tree easily. Then the wiper pump motor is switched ON.