The courses by ASSIMIL are the same used by my grandfather to study languages years ago. But they are still excellent courses. Listen to the CD’s while. Assimil-Il Nuovo Inglese Senza Sforzo Corso Assimil Inglese Avanzato English Please Assimil francese pdf. 4 CD audio) + Perfezionamento del francese. Il Corso Completo di Inglese English for Italians fornisce gli strumenti che permettono di cominciare a parlare fin dalle prime lezioni.

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She worked out her own methodology of language learning among other learning fields in the late s. It is fun to look up new words in the dictionary because I choose it and want to understand what the speakers are talking about. It will really help a lot of those who intend to learn new foreign languages. I just wanted to write a thank you letter to the LingQ team: Glaser currently in Sevilla, Spain originally Southampton, England.

Since late June ofI have imported and shared lessons, created Lings, read over 2, words and listened to English content for hours! I encourage people to try LingQ due to the effectiveness and that the man behind the scenes is truly original and absolutely passionate about proper language learning. Jeanne Sloane Petaluma, California.

I ended the interview very happy and proud of myself. Providing students with a lot of comprehensible input was a big challenge, especially for French. Of course I needed to check some points in grammar before the exam, but most of the time I just enjoyed my reading. In Brazil we have 7 years of English, twice a week in schools from 11 to 17 years old. L’ho trovato piacevole e continuavo a tornarci.

I create dynamic learning plans with them and I recommend resources and activities appropriate to their learning style, their objectives, way of life. Non essendo in grado di capire il contesto generale, le mie lacune restavano sempre le stesse. It was easy, fast, enjoyable.


Two years ago, after giving birth to my second baby, I felt like studying English again. Aspetto con ansia i miglioramenti futuri! I had to find another word axsimil teacher or tutor to describe what I do. I will soon upload a series of videos on Youtube, and I will be encouraging people to visit your blog and use LingQ, if you do not mind! In short, the site is fantastic. She actuallY advocates word-for-word translation with active listening very similar to the LingQ method as a first step.

It is truly an amazing thing when you are learning effortlessly and efficiently at the same time. Quando scoprii LingQ, studiare l’inglese divenne una gioia. As a language freak I have invested a lot of time and money in language learning materials during the last ten years adsimil, for me, NO system is as complete as LingQ.

I also enjoy your blogs each day which help to keep me motivated. Seth Anderson Tempe, AZ. But it never happened… my English was barely enough to read technical papers that I needed for my professional developement. There are various kinds of contents in the Library section.


After that, I listen to the same content many times while cooking and doing household chores. People ask me all the time how I could possibly study a language without school and all I need to do is pull out the text and mp3 and give them a little demonstration. This kind of progress has eluded me in the past. However, all of this proved to be difficult to use in the classroom.

English for Italians | Corso Completo di Inglese in Download

Jayme Becerra Frankfort, Illinois. Sylvie Bouchard Montreal, Canada. Avanazto find LingQ very handy, it really saves tons of time and makes me feel more confident knowing I have everything I need to learn i. Mi piacciono i molteplici strumenti di studio e l’app per praticare sul mio smartphone quando sono fuori casa.


After finished his course, he took Toeic to make sure how much his English improved. My score was The content of your qvanzato blogs are very inspiring my experience and my personal observations led me to the same conclusions regarding language learning. So, thank you for that!: Sono persino finito a lavorare in una compagnia Giapponese dove nessuno parla Inglese.

Tutti dovrebbero conoscervi ragazzi. Hi Jill, Steve and Mark! Grazie mille per l’incantevole sito. I discover what is blocking their learning and I help them to no longer fear speaking French. Innanzitutto, voglio ringraziare le persone che hanno creato il sistema LingQ. This week is my one-year-anniversary of my new English learning at LingQ. E’ un ottima sistemazione per me e la mia media scolastica ora come ora ma, generalmente parlando, penso che questo dimostri quanto siano inutili questi corsi!

I have been using LingQ for several weeks now and am very happy with the progress I am making.

This experience really helps me to keep my motivation. Thank you for your efforts. From 13 to 17 I had another English course in parallel unglese the school one, with 3 more hours a week. And I went straight back to start exercising on my English with Anne of green gables, nice.

I wanted to listen to real conversations between native speakers, not news.