The Authoritarians [Bob Altemeyer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Authoritarians summarizes the research of Dr. Robert Altemeyer. Bob Altemeyer—author of Atheists and The Authoritarian Specter —gives a readable analysis of the nature of authoritarianism and its current impact on. Robert Anthony “Bob” Altemeyer (born 6 June ) is a retired Professor of Psychology at the University of Manitoba. He produced the test and scale for ” RWA” or right-wing authoritarianism.

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You can find an online version of the Religious Fundamentalism test here. Altemeyer’s research suggests that, no, actually, a bunch of those jerks we’ve been arguing with for the past few years really are just jerks. Working on my book it seemed inconceivable that so few could ever elect a president. Review The Authoritarians has been widely acclaimed for the relaxed, conversational way the author presents far-reaching and penetrating insights into American life today.

East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. I would support the execution of religious cult leaders if he government insisted it was necessary to protect the country. There was no Fox News. He presents evidence supporting his claim that these people have, on average, substantially impaired abilities to follow logical or fact-based reasoning.

Algemeyer have been studying and attempting to understand the evangelical mindset for aithoritarians long time. I would tell my friends and neighbors it was a good authoritxrians. I used to be one. You may make yourself sound like a bootlicking fascist on paper, but blanch at it otherwise. Indeed, the events of and have confirmed conclusion after conclusion in The Authoritarians. What happens when authoritarian followers find the authoritarian leaders they crave and start marching together? Feb 26, Ryan rated it it was amazing.

External links Twitter Facebook Discord. There’s a problem loading this menu right now. Since the phrase right-wing is primarily used today as a political adjective, and since there is so much overlap between the two, it was somewhat confusing. A Groundbreaking Study of America’s Nonbelievers. I’m a bit torn. But tell that to somebody who is convinced that abortion is different in one week from another and they get pretty mean about it.


These are the people Trump was talking about when he famously bragged that he could shoot somebody in broad daylight on Fifth Avenue and it would make no difference to his backers. They are highly dogmatic. No one has done more ground-breaking work in testing the nature of these people than authogitarians professor, who was then at the University of Manitoba in Canada. I’m going to capture some bits and pieces here that particularly resonate with me.

Retrieved from ” https: I scored almost the absolute minimum for non-authoritarianism, which I’m sure aurhoritarians not surprise my long-suffering parents, Catholic school teachers, or the above-mentioned boss any.

Therefore, sharks are fish.

The Authoritarians

Views Read Edit View history. It happens when the followers submit too much to the leaders, trust them too much, and give them too much leeway to do whatever they want–which is often something undemocratic, tyrannical and brutal.

They have highly compartmentalized minds. The Globe and Mail. I strongly suspect that when it comes to the “science vs.

The Authoritarians

In fact, I wish every American would read it, as it is so relevant to the current political and social climate in the United States. It’s a really altemeyeer look at a segment of humanity that seems to be gaining an awful lot of influence in the world lately. His experiments drew high praise from other scientists, and won the American Atuhoritarians for the Advancement of Science’s Prize for Behavioral Science Research. I would support the use of physical force to make cult members reveal the identity of other cult members.


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Bob Altemeyer

And I really believe I’m a better person for it. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. It maybe found here: He wrote a scholarly version of this book a few years ago then wrote this one for a popular audience and published it on line. He developed a simple questionnaire, which he scores to produce what he calls “the Right Wing Authoritarian scale” RWA scale.

And everyone must read this book. And also, that they were trained in self-righteousness, and ethnocentric thinking in early age. Now, I can quite see that abortion will continue to be as well as a necessity, a convenience in our society, irrespective of how one defines these foetuses. However, the reality is that if you are reading this book, your score is likely to be on the low side since High RWAs right wing authoritarians are highly motivated to avoid information that disconfirms their beliefs confirmation bias.

That is the very opposite of what this guy wants you to do.

The remnants of the population, less fervent than their authority-dependent brethren, grow weary of war and sue for peace. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

He authorotarians with the followers. Share your thoughts with other customers. Fundamentalism would be just one of many beliefs that would be attractive to this personality type.

But I will say this: He understands their aggr I spent a year and a half studying why politics in the US has become so divisive that one side no longer speaks meaningfully to the other. They can’t keep us down forever.