One of these is Brihat Jataka (f55fl?T$) written by Varahamihira. He was born near Ujjain. The date of his birth is not known, but Mr. A A. Macdonell says that. – Buy Brihat Jataka of Varahamihira book online at best prices in India on Read Brihat Jataka of Varahamihira book reviews & author. Brihat Jataka is a great classic of Vedic astrology composed by The Great He also authored the famous Brihat Samhita, Laghu Jataka and Yogayatra.

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V Again, the words are capable of being interpreted as qjfaafj: When the Moon is in the Rasi thus found in the month of delivery the birth of a child in the womb may be expected.

It will now be found that the divisions containing the dots in the several plates are directly below the signs of the zodic res- pectively occupied by the planets at birth, briat that the positions of the planets in the radix of the native can now be read out from the plate. Vaiahamihira without giving his opinion merely quotes the two bruhat of Yavana and Jivasarman — Yavanas saying that malefics in their exaltation make a cruel king and Jivasarman maintaining the contrary, viz.

Brihat Jataka (varahamihira)

That the Moon in jqtaka junction with Mars in the 12th or the Lagna will mean that the Moon is just risen or rising. The 12th house governs the left eye and the 2nd, the right eye. The remaining signs correspond to things with properties indicated by their respective names. This exactly agrees with the brkhat principle. In the next eight slokas he mentions some particular yogas leading to kingship as understood by Yavana and others In the latter part of this Chapter, he criticises the views of Yavana and his school and points out that four planets in exaltation do not necessarily lead to kingship.


They will be doing nothing;new but only reviving what our Universities such as Nalanda, Takhasila were doing. The same is briihat case with every house and not otherwise.

Balabhadra also adds that only in the case of the Moon and the lord of the 5th bhava at the time of query or gn? The dividing lines are so drawn that they form a straight line when the beihat are adjusted for any horoscope.

Brihat Jataka – Wikipedia

Then the rising Dwadasamsa is that of Meena. XIX other planets and of their combinations or yogas except Nabhasa yogasj, all these must be duly assigned to the planets concerned in their respective dasas. Twelve years are allotted for dogs and 16 for sheep and the like. The position in the 3rd house though good, tLe small number of benefic dots therein disqualifies him t: He will get the company of aged women. IX methods of simplifying this work have been suggested in the past, but a new contrivance has now been devised which has several merits.

The net evil arising there is thus -only 4 — 3 3 or i th. Abnormally long periods of delivery.

Jupiter has a body of yellowish hue. The rest are his enemies. Venus ushers into the world those that merely blossom but bear no fruit. Therefore the 1st decanate of the Lagna symbolises the pelvis.


Mercury is his enemy.

In the first sloka, he records the theory of Yavana and briihat objection raised by Jivasarman when three malefics arc in exaltation in a nativity. Only six vargas are mentioned here, the others being con- sidered not so important. The nature of the lying-in- chamber. If there is friendliness both naturally and temporarily on the part of a planet, he is a great friend. His body and limbs will be commensurate in their proportions with the rising sign and other Rasis which are described as forming the head and other portions of Kalapurusha.

If the Lagna be strong, it gives in addition as many years as there are Rasis in the figure denoting the Lagna.

The position of all planets except the Moon should be briha reference to the radix, nativity at birth. Yogas for the birth of a male or a female child, and of twins. Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and the Sl. If Mercury be malefic, the person will become harsh in speech, will suffer imprisonment, grief and will have no peace of mind. If in the above case, the Ayurdaya again should turn out to be equal, then the planet which should first become visible after its conjunction with the Sun would rule the earlier dasa.