Strategy: My first rule of strategy applies to any and every game: Play every turn in the manner that moves you closest to the winning conditions. Carcassonne: Hunters and Gatherers is a German-style board game. . the player may choose to place a hut instead of a follower, following normal rules. Carcassonne – Hunters & Gatherers – Rules, Questions, FAQs, Clarification. English Version. All the information below was taken from official Carcassone.

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Followers placed in a meadow are not returned to the player, and the meadow is not gathereds until the end of the game. If you take it back at the beginning of your turn you can play it on the same turn.

After playing the tile, ahd player may score again in the normal fashion if any rivers or forests are completed. Views Read Edit View history. Hunters and Gatherers is a German-style board game. You must play a hut.

If I play a tile which completes more than one forest at the same time, do I get more than one bonus tile? If a player draws a tile that cannot be placed, they must discard the tile from the game and choose a different tile. You must place the Agriculture tile in an empty meadow. This page was last edited on 31 Mayat Please send any comments carcassojne john modernjive.

At the start of each turn, a player takes an unplaced tile at random and places it adjacent to one or more already placed tiles such that the terrain features forest, river, and meadow on the touching carxassonne match; meadow to meadow, forest to forest, and river to river. Doing so claims ownership of the entire system of rivers i.

Carcassonne: Hunters and Gatherers – Wikipedia

A follower placed on a river is called a Fisher. Wheel of Fortune Xbox It is possible that followers may share the same feature if the placement of a tile joins two features of the same type, each of which already has a follower on it.


When a river or forest is completed, ruled are scored see Scoring, belowand any followers are taken off those features for re-use on later turns.

Ordinary followers may be placed on any terrain feature i. If I complete a forest of three or more segments using some bonus cards, and the forest has no gold nuggets, then do I get a bonus card? hinters

Strategy tips, and one rules variation | Carcassonne: Hunters and Gatherers | BoardGameGeek

You can only ever get one bonus tile per turn, regardless of how many forests you complete, either with your initial tile or your bonus tile. Hopefully the information below will help you understand the rules and prevent any arguments.

Each player has seven followers of a colour; two fishing huts and five ordinary followers. Hunters and Gatherers begins with a single tile on the table, and ends when all of the 78 tiles have been placed. By using this site, you agree carcassone the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. There are three types of animals that contribute points to the scoring of a meadow, being deeraurochsand mammothsand they are worth two points each.

Carcassonne: Hunters and Gatherers

However, when played a player must place a follower or a hut with Agriculture on the tile cagcassonne will remain there during the rest of the game.

Forests are scored per forest segment; cities are scored per tile. Playing your bonus tile takes place in the same huntfrs, so no extra bonus tiles are awarded. The player playing the bonus tile, as with normal tiles, may choose to place a follower on a feature of that bonus tile. Green discs are provided with the game to aid in this element of scoring. The original German just seems to say “as many points as the largest lake has fish”.

A player may place a follower only if no other followers have claimed that instance of the feature on a connecting tile. A follower placed on junters meadow is called a Hunter.

The rules state that only 2-segment forests don’t get bonus cards.


The English translation says “as many points as the largest lake on this river has fish”. The final scoring is then conducted, which involves the scoring of meadows and huts. If a completed forest contains a gold nugget, the player completing the forest by placing the tile is awarded a bonus turn, and draws a random tile from a separate pile of a dozen bonus tiles.

The statement in the rules is inaccurate. These tiles also grant an ability to the player who plays the special tile:. A hut may not be placed on a river system which already has a hut, but as with forests, meadows and riversit is possible that two or more huts may share the same river system if the placement of a tile joins two or river systems, each of which already had a hut on it.

Only the player s with the majority of followers in a given feature score points for that completed feature, with all tied players receiving the full number of points if a tie exists. The rules don’t prevent it, so you may take a tribe member back at any time in your turn. Note that “chain reactions” are not permitted; only one bonus tile may be played per turn. Points are scored during the gathersrs for completion of rivers huntes forests.

Gold nuggets don’t provide any extra points.

After placing a rles, the player may place one of their followers on a terrain feature of that tile, thus claiming ownership of that feature. Once I have placed the hut on the Agriculture tile, can anyone place a hunter in that meadow?

Most adn this is taken from the rule clarification provided at http: Fishing huts may only be placed on a river segment or lake. Return to Carcassone rules http: