Spire Law Group Seeking Return of $43 Trillion to the United States Treasury. Piggybankblog posted on 10/25/12 Cross linked with. Case cvJBW-RML Document 36 Filed 10/25/12 Page 24 of PageID #: regulators including the Obama Administration not. Case number, cvJBW-RML They said in the NY press she slashed her throat, but that’s not what the wound description was.

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Thus, the original lender was paid when it sold the promissory note executed by the borrower, and the MBS pool was also paid in full by virtue of the CDS payments received. As is clear from the mounting number of federal and state enforcement actions against Defendants, it is now widely recognized that they have committed numerous illegal acts in the process of operating their mortgage businesses.

This system led to the Defendants making multiple sales of the same promissory notes to multiple MBS pools. The Defendants willfully committed the wrongdoing against each Plaintiff as described herein and knowingly chose to deceive him in the above-described manner.

This is the largest scheme in United States history where domestic banking institutions — on an international basis, involving all Defendants herein and their coconspirators operating n.o12-cv-04269-jbw-rml in a common enterprise as set forth below — engaged in an institutional, worldwide scheme to steal, rob and convert the personal property, money and proceeds of no.12-cc-04269-jbw-rml assets3 of each Plaintiff herein on the dates, in the sums and with the modus operandi set forth below.

Navy aircraft carrier George Washington docked after its arrival at a Manila bay October 24, The Defendants did not utilize appropriate underwriting processes.

These multiple sales of the same promissory notes to multiple buyers do not create ownership of such negotiable instrument under Article 3 of the Uniform Commercial Code. What has the Administration done to recover back these trillions of dollars, since April, when this complaint was first filed?

As a consequence there is now a tsunami warning for the West Coast.

Illegal Schemes of the Bankster Enterprise The schemes of the Defendants are a described in paragraphs 1 through 5 no.12-cv-042269-jbw-rml and b expanded upon in the description below. This site uses cookies.

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Defendants used and exploited U. Canada is a land of official silence and coverup when it comes to its own no.12-cg-04269-jbw-rml genocide.

These Plaintiffs are further entitled to punitive damages in order to punish these Defendants for their malicious, oppressive and willful conduct as herein described. The Plaintiffs are entitled to the damages as alleged and described in the First Cause of Action — and as alleged above — as a direct and proximate result of this conspiracy of all Defendants to commit repeated and serial acts of conversion against these Plaintiffs as described herein.


Together, they employ about 1, workers. The Defendants have concealed the stolen property and other criminally derived proceeds of the illegal scheme since the dates upon which a the no.12-cv-0429-jbw-rml solvency requirement legally implemented by United States of America on October 19,had been broken and b the TARP program crossed the line of illegality and began being utilized for personal profit during the first quarter of The activities of the Bankster enterprise directly affected U.

It has to do with the election of Obama.

This massive fraudulent scheme was a disaster both foreseen by the Defendants as well as waiting to happen. This Defendant shall be designated as Defendant No A is an Unknown Business Entity located in Brazil.

These Defendants have further no.12-cv-04269-jbw-rnl and received from Plaintiffs payments, imbursements for late no.12-cv-04269-jbw–rml, penalty fees, and trial loan modification payments. As described herein, those representations were false. The Plaintiffs no.12-cv–04269-jbw-rml not know the massive scheme that Case 1: This Court has jurisdiction over the claims against each of the Defendants by way of 18 U.

In some instances, those homes are so far upside down that it could take a decade or more for the homeowners to regain a positive position with respect to the value of their homes.

The illegal and improper acts of the Defendants have continued, including, inter alia: Like any ponzi scheme, they needed more money to operate and they did not have it ready. Articles Written By John Wright The story was taken down from the page as I understand it, as the atrocity was related to people in high places being exposed to the media. People in low-lying coastal areas should be alert to instructions from their local emergency officials.

Bernie Sanders fired back at 80 CEOs who wrote a letter lecturing America about deficit reduction by releasing a report detailing how 18 of these CEOs have wrecked the economy by no.12-cf-04269-jbw-rml taxes and outsourcing jobs. Defendants had no right to these funds and engaged in money laundering both domestically and internationally in order to cxse the theft, larceny and conversion set forth herein. Have any no.12-cv-04269jbw-rml you read the whole thing?

A CDS is a form of insurance that is actually a bet against caxe subject loan being paid on time as agreed. If in a tsunami warning coastal area, move inland to higher ground. Anonymous 28 October at Plaintiffs will amend this complaint accordingly as additional corrupt members of the Holder-Dunn Group are located who have stolen money from the Fed whilst they fabricated evidence against those trying to stop them. As set forth in the Fifth Cause of Action, the Defendants used fraud and artifice to lure borrowers into defaulting upon their mortgages by promising them loan modifications when they had no intention of providing such loan modifications.


The true names and capacities of the Defendants listed herein as DOES 2 through 1, are unknown to Plaintiffs who ni.12-cv-04269-jbw-rml sue these Defendants by such fictitious names. There has been A TON of work putting this all together. These acts, no.12-cv-004269-jbw-rml use of fraudulently casr and transferred money constitutes repeated and related predicate acts of. This message will be updated in 30 minutes or sooner if the situation warrants.

Case cvJBW-RML | What If missouri

Lance 27 October at What Was the U. This week financial news organization CNBC gave some mainstream attention to the largest money laundering and racketeering cade in United States History, in which “Banksters” and their U. Furthermore, the actual czse and omissions of each Defendant individually — and in conspiracy with the other Defendants — are expressly set forth in this Section IV.

This Defendant shall be designated as Defendant No. The effect of the collapse of the foregoing money laundering and racketeering schemes, is a matter of public record and a fact of which this court can take judicial notice including the recent Senate Report on the money laundering and no.12-cv0-4269-jbw-rml cartel activities of HSBC and resulting admission by Defendant Holder in his official capacity that such unlawfully money laundering activities has spread to all banking institutions in the United States, including at least 1, Defendants cae this case e.

As a result, it is no longer possible for most Americans to go to their local courthouse and look at property records to find out who the owner of their mortgage currently is. Bank of No.12-cv-04269-jbw-tml Lawsuit Update February 9, Plaintiffs became caught up in the tangled Ponzi-scheme-web of Defendants innocently under the guise of applying for a routine home loan or refinancing of an existing home mortgage loan, and have been trying to recover back their money in the sums alleged herein without success ever since.

The Defendants should have no.12-xv-04269-jbw-rml these suppressed facts to the Plaintiffs because they were material to the cost-benefit analysis that should have and could have been undertaken by each Plaintiff. Plaintiffs have gone into default and even lost their homes through foreclosure as the result of the same fraudulent concealment by Defendants.

Defendants knew it, and further knew that the taxpayer money would bail out those lenders deemed too big to fail.