Decreto Ministeriale 7 novembre «Modalità operative del Fondo riassicura- tivi» e Decreto Ministeriale 7 N / Member State. Reglamento de Compras y Contrataciones de Bienes, Servicios, Obras y Concesiones. Deroga el. Decreto , Decreto No. (República Dominicana. The Decree sets out rules on general provisions, special .. 76 http://

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But also new mechanisms allowing for effective reconstruction to build resilience in relation to future storms. In the face of such frequent and severe climatic events the question today is not whether a new disaster will take place, but when and how bad will it be?

But to challenge our system too, to make sure that our international system is responding to the needs that exist. And the UK absolutely stands shoulder decretto shoulder with all our territories, friends and colleagues. Finally, these disasters offer an opportunity to innovate. Many of these small economies are already burdened with high levels of debt and high economic volatility. These challenges, needless to say, will not be easy and they will require help from the nations represented here and so many others.

This is an element of future proofing eecreto. Yet, the sad truth is that we must expect such storms to become more frequency and possibly even more violent.

DECRETO – Medina deroga y sustituye reglamento de compra y contrataciones públicas | Listín Diario

And with this very brief introduction I would like to leave you with Dr. President Kim, a crisis is a terrible thing to waste. But a couple of conclusions. This is reflected in the constituency we share here at the World Bank Group and the IMF, and our friendship can be seen in our extensive people to people ties. Under which creditors forgo some of their claims in exchange for investments in resilience.


Thank you very much, Jim, and for inviting us to a really important event. Ultimately, we need to build a new generation of infrastructure that is more resilient, and that in turns underpins resilient economies, communities, and livelihoods.

We need to review our policy on concessional finance for small states affected by these storms. We have a starting decreot for the decrteo of bankable projects.

And in delivering to the region, the international community can benefit a growing number of countries facing the challenge of financing the agenda in a world of external shocks. No one can underestimate the extent of the challenge but, I think, on a human level as well, the devastation, the psychological impact and I want to pay tribute to everyone. But we are, of course, looking through funding disaster resilient construction.

We all know that Hurricane Irma was one of the most powerful storms every recorded. One of the things that has been underinvested 409-07 and one of the areas that has been much less clear in terms of how we think about climate finance, is adaptation. Of course, we are seeing some good efforts, a very strong positive effort from the relief efforts.

So, I put the challenge right back to you, Mr. And, of course, the pay outs are coming and more will follow. Communities will need to invest in debris removal, efforts to bring back tourism, to restore livelihoods and ultimately, they will need to invest in projects to ensure that they can better weather the next storm and the one after that.

As they work to recover from the devastation caused by these hurricanes, Irma and Maria. The Secretary General recently traveled to Antigua and Barbuda and to Dominica to show solidarity and see for himself the damage.

Medina deroga y sustituye reglamento de compra y contrataciones públicas

There are communities, for example, on the coast of India who got much better at preparing for storms. This is climate change adaptation at a very, very critical and important level.


That also means expanding that suite of instruments on offer to countries to help them manage the risk, manage the debt, bring forth insurance and other types of financial instruments too. Now, Amina, many of you know her, but we would not have the sustainable development goals without Amina. Now, what it takes is for the Board to agree and provide some grant-based financing that we can then stretch into much lower-interest loans or in some cases, grants.

As conditions improve and headlines fade, our emergency programs will phase out and our long-term efforts will require long-term commitments from the international community. And in terms of the relief efforts, we will see the relief efforts from our own respective countries and the communities that we have been supporting.

William Balarti joins us here today.

Antecendente y Objetivo

Hurricane Maria went from Category 1 to Category 4900-07 in less than 36 hours. Fourthly, the use of risk transfer mechanism including the CCRIF and state contingent debt instruments.

This includes our government, our private sector, and our civil society organizations.

I appeal for your participation in this important initiative of CARICOM heads of state to mobilize support from the international community to help the countries affected by Hurricanes Irma and Maria to build back better, and to put in place the building blocks for longer-term resilience in xecreto Caribbean.

There are public works programs that can be scaled up after eecreto disaster. So, five things that we promise to work with you on. Volatility can dislodge even most prudent countries from their development pathways.