Get Yamaha DG-Stomp PDF manuals and user guides, View all Yamaha DG- Stomp manuals. Add to My Manuals Save this manual to your list of manuals. View and Download Yamaha DG-Stomp owner s manual online. Yamaha Manuals; Other; DG-Stomp; etc. From the DG-Stomp. Assigns to the. Free PDF download for the Yamaha DG-Stomp Patch List at InstrumentManuals. com.

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Easy Yamaha dg stomp patch list is an easy-to-use version of Yamaha dg stomp patch list.

Ben yep, a scrap beast while you feel the way! Sometimes the sound is down right magical. Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. Like any effect you use moderation or you get a ball of mud. Are there any others that I’m missing?

Steel box and mettal switches not plastic pads to step on. There are four pedals to select patches, a Control pedal, a built-in expression pedal, and tons of effects. They have a lot of good rviews.

Now the important this is this is not a POD, although it has a “Pre amp” that gives a ton-o gain I never use it ever! Lastly, im building a small night club for me and my friends and I will take this off my rig and install on the “House PA” for a guest guitar or second guitar player that might not want to drag his amp accost town.


The overal sounds that come out of this box are real sounding, and not overly processed. I use the peavey distortion, which is much better. Home Forums Recent Posts. If you want a rich acoustic guitar sound with deep bass and clear effects is excellent with honors for “Rotary”.

Multi-effect units – Guitar Tricks Forum

To me, one of the best things about the DG-Stomp is the flexibility of this unit. We have the following 2 documents available for the Yamaha DG-Stomp: This little box gives me reverb, delay, some amp Sims.

I see in the pic posted they made what must be a DG 80 head? I’d mainly use it for direct recording and practice. Not to much or it goes south. The delay is perfect for me and tap tempo can be used without worry. Remember, the DG Stomp is a preamp, so with the amp simulations, it sounds great through a full-range speaker configuration, even the crunch tones.

But on stage it’s a different story!

DeajApr 30, Currently running the xlr di out without speaker emulator on the amp into my duet to be processed in logic with ir’s from red wires. Puts you in a Circle pit environments and the spring in one piece, ready to begin!

French incomprehensible places, gross errors, but with a little experience, is wtomp.


Please update your browser to use Reverb

I’ve actually been hearing a lot of good things about Line 6 lately. The Rotary effect is good! It’s tough for me to use it but maybe it’s just me. We can also compare the recorded with the modified with the switch to “manual”, very convenient patch patch.

To cancel the Manual Mode, simply patcn a patch. Yes, my password is: A noise gate could not t the superfluous because the background noise is too lev.

Did you find this review helpful? Then I run my effects. Buttons are the sturdy switch type. Do you already have an account? Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

May 2, 7. It’s the best sounding, for my tastes, tsomp box that I have found yet. It belongs to my son. The Yamaha DG Stomp includes pre-programmed settings lisf 8 of the most popular modern and vintage.

We did not bother to look for 3 hours’ roh how I put the delay It always stays at our main gig. Great sounds, portability, and flexibility personified.

I think even when my next purchase will be a VOX Tonelab.