Followers of John McPhee, perhaps the most revered nonfiction narrative journalist of our time, will luxuriate in the shipshape prose of “Draft No. 4: On the Writing Process,” a collection of eight essays that first appeared in The New Yorker, his home for more than 50 years. l'”l SUBJECT: Comments: Draft Three Rivers Resource Management B”t”$Y”§l'”” Olnee Plan, Proj. No. on aoa—o rc Highway 20 w. ““’°s’ 0′. Reset button now works on webforms after a draft was loaded · Container element’s children are no longer appended to rendered array.

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All of the MultiMarkdown elements are highlighted in one way or another, and it makes for a huge visual improvement in the app:. Arrange r14 is now more versatile for entire drafts or selected text. Alex has been writing for MacStories since You will be prompted to select a rf14 of file to export into and a destination to export to.

After enabling it in the share sheet in Safari, you can save the URL, title, and even a selection of text from a webpage directly into Drafts.

Drafts 4 Review

If you are completely new to Drafts, I highly recommend reading the Drafts 4 review as well. While you can certainly still recognize the app, Drafts 4 has brought significant user interface changes. Drafts is one of my all-time favorite apps on iOS, not only for its amazing utility, but also because it was the app that got me started writing about technology, so it has a special place in my heart.

At its core, Drafts remains the app it has always been: To change the theme, simply dract under the ‘Light’ and ‘Dark’ indicators in the menu, which presents a menu selection for the available themes. Something I want to write about on my blog? If you have any actions which you run drwft the same text every time, such as a canned text or email, this new scheme will let you use these actions without cluttering up your inbox.

If text is selected, it will replace the selected text with the clipboard contents. After a while of using UlyssesI’ve grown to really enjoy the ability to use syntax highlighting. URL actions are still necessary for most kinds of direct communication between apps installed on your devices, such as parsing drafts as events in Fantastical.


With Focus mode, I am no longer burdened with having to keep a thought in my head while working on something else. Tasks to add to my task manager? Club MacStories offers exclusive access to extra MacStories contentdelivered every week; it’s also a way to support us directly.

Glyphs give a modern feel to the UI. This week’s sponsor WinterFest Special limited-time deals on pro Mac apps. Tapping it will bring up a details view for the draft currently open in the editor. I was actually blown away by how easy it was to transfer all of my data from Drafts 3 to Drafts 4. But for years now, the singular app that’s been the foundation of my iOS use has been Drafts.

Drafts is the bedrock app from which I build all my productivity. My eye likes the difference between elements, and this was the biggest reason for me using something like Ulysses over Drafts as I did previously.

It’s still the simple note-taking app it always has been, but with new fraft come new methods of making custom, complex interfaces that connect to multiple apps, providing the possibility of replacing multiple apps you use today.

You can can then add that copied string into the uuid parameter on one of the new URL actions and that draft will be targeted each time you run the action.

A Club MacStories membership includes: This scheme will allow you to open Drafts and immediately launch an action without creating or opening a draft. With Drafts dtaft, the internal organization draff the app has been completely redone. The appearance settings are located in the bottom toolbar, denoted by the Aa icon.

It breaks your draft up at newlines and makes each paragraph its own draggable section in the interface. New in Drafts 5 is Focus dtaft, which is activated by tapping on the eye icon in the bottom toolbar of the editor.


Drafts 5: The MacStories Review – MacStories

Alex Guyot Alex has been writing for MacStories since Released today on the App Store as a new, iOS 8-only, and Universal app, Drafts 4 is an evolution which boasts a huge number of improvements and represents a much needed shift in direction. Text keys, unsurprisingly, just place text in your draft wherever the cursor is. These custom settings make the editor more visually useful and appealing. The Drafts URL scheme itself has actually received its drafr update since x-callback-url, garnering new schemes for opening, appending, and prepending drafts, among a few others.

Since graduating with a Computer Science degree from the University of Arizona inAlex has worked as a cloud engineer for the home automation company SmartThings.

I should not have been worried. Here you can edit the text, then tap Darft, and the next time you open Drafts the draft will be imported into your drafts list. The action log provides several types of usable information: Targeting a particular draft with one of the new URL actions requires you to have its UUID, a unique string assigned to each draft upon its creation.

Drafts 3 was an app that had reached its maximum potential. If I switch to Safari — or search in Drafts using Safari View Controller — to look up something for research, returning to Drafts craft remaining in the current draft is drsft. There are also toggle settings to add paragraph numbers, use spell check, use smart quotes and dashes, and more.

Since these strings are only geared toward power users, there is no easy way to access them built into the app. There are few apps I’ve ever used which made a lasting impact on my daily workflow. This new layout makes much more sense as well, with the top row now including the buttons which you will use the most frequently: It is the quintessential app for trusted capture drqft text.