This command is not supported on DS models. commitflash Use this command to run DS CLI commands in the interactive, single-shot, or script mode. If that connection fails, the DS CLI attempts to connect to an existing DS® port with the legacy certificate. If the second attempt also fails, the DS CLI. Complete this task to configure the DS system for use with the Tivoli Storage Productivity Center Replication Manager using the DS command-line interface.

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The chlss command modifies a logical subsystem.

The setdialhome command activates the Call Home feature. The lsrank command displays a list of defined ranks in a storage image and status information for each rank. The chsession command allows you to modify a Global Mirror session. The failoverpprc command is used only with disaster recovery processing.

The revertflash command is used as part of the recovery from a disaster scenario to rollback a Global Mirror consistency group that is in the process of forming. When you use any of the remote support features, this information is sent to IBM so that an IBM service representative can contact you. To do this task requires that you obtain the following key information from your network administrator: Remote FlashCopy relationships exist on a remote site, and can be queried issue lsremoteflash command from your local site.

You can use it to set characteristics such as online or offline state, name, and description. The mklcu command creates a logical control unit LCU in a storage image.

List of commands

You can use this command to look at the status of each device adapter in the list. The chkeymgr command updates the attributes of the key server entry on the storage complex.


The lsvolgrp command displays sd8000 list of volume groups in a storage image and status information for each volume group in the list. The showfbvol command displays detailed properties for an individual volume.

Only a person who fli administrator authority can invoke this command.

DSCLI – DS Command Line Interface program Download | Storage CH Blog

The chsu command modifies a storage unit. The lsaddressgrp command displays a list of address groups for a storage image and the status information for each address group in the list. The Ethernet cards are 2-port cards. The chrank command assigns an unassigned d8000 to an extent pool, or removes an assigned rank from a extent pool. The showextpool command displays detailed properties, tier information, or performance metrics of an extent pool.

The mkextpool command creates a fixed block or count key data CKD storage type extent pool. Command Rs8000 Description applykey application key and version The applykey command applies the licensed machine code LMC activation keys for a storage server.

The chlcu command modifies a logical control unit. Only those ports whose ID ends with a value of 01 for example, I can be configured using the setnetworkport command. The chsi command modifies a storage image. The offloadss DS command copies state information from nodes to the vli directory on a management node. This might be necessary because there was an error during the original FTP transfer of the package. Ds800 users with administrator authority can access this command.

The lsproblem command lists problem logs. The chresgrp command is used to change a resource group object on a storage image.

The rmpprc command removes a Remote Mirror and Copy volume pair relationship or removes a single volume ID. The lsremoteflash command displays a list of remote FlashCopy relationships and status information for each FlashCopy relationship in the list. Do not attempt to configure the ports that end with a value of The rmremoteflash command removes a relationship between remote FlashCopy volume pairs.


The mkreckey command is for users with security administrator authority.

DSCLI – DS8000 Command Line Interface program Download

The table format displayed for the report is not how the actual report is displayed. The lsresgrp command displays a list of resource group objects on the storage image. The lsextpool command displays a list of extent pools in a storage unit and status information on each extent pool in the list. The resyncremoteflash command formerly called the incremoteflash command and associated with the incremental FlashCopy process increments an existing remote FlashCopy pair that has been established with the -record and -persist parameters.

The lsauthpol command dd8000 a list of all the authentication policies on the storage complex. The lsss command is used by ccli DS user to find previously created offloaded statesave files that are ready to send to IBM.

The showgmiroos command displays the number of unsynchronized out of sync tracks for the specified Global Mirror session. The showarray command displays detailed properties of a specific array. The lsuser command returns a list of basic user account names and access authority levels.

The rmkeymgr command removes a key server entry on the storage complex. The offloadfile command exports the specified set of data files. The chvolgrp command modifies a volume group name and volume members. Fli lskeymgr command displays a list of the key server entries that are on the storage complex. The setcontactinfo DS command provides contact information for your storage system ccli.