To file the Application, select the appropriate agency i.e. CMDA or DTCP in whose jurisdiction the plot or layout is located. Rules – Regularisation of Unapproved Plots and Layouts Rules, under section read with section of the Tamil Nadu Town and. Final Rules – Karnataka Town and Country Planning Act, Read the Regularisation charges payable as provided in the Rules and correctly.

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In Panchayat union areas, it must be 12m x 18m.

Directorate of Town and Country Planning, Government of Tamil Nadu

Site inspection will be conducted and necessary decision will be taken by RDD. The development is achieved through Master Plans rulee for the urban centers and rural areas by way of Master Plans and indicative Land Use Plans. This would include FMB etc. Sub-division and amalgamation of plots.

Directorate of Town and Country Planning Click here to view the check list for applications related to layout.

State Housing and Urban Development Corporations. The promoters will be asked to execute the work as per the estimates prepared. The local body will further verify the following points: If any reclassification is required, the local body will advise the applicant at this stage itself to get necessary reclassification approved by the competent authority.

The department looks after the subject of planning and development in urban and rural areas.

The extent of proposed layout: The layout will be considered to have been approved only after it is finally approved by the council of the local body. Decision may be for approval, rejection or return or calling for additional particulars depending up on the scrutiny of documents furnished and site conditions. The technical section at the Regional Office will scrutiny the application with reference to the norms and parameters. Local body will accord final dtp. Forgot Password New Rulez. The site for which sub-division is requested should not cause drastic violations of rules to the existing building.


Unauthorized Activity Has Been Detected

Follow up action by local body on receipt of technical approval for lay out proposals. Local bodies will develop dtc; estimates in advance which can be quickly prepared with the actual data.

The local bodies will take over the street and public purpose reservations in approved layouts and will maintain the same properly. Three copies of technically approved layout will be dispatched to the local body along with the proceeding order. If the sites are in the approved layouts; If the amalgamated sites satisfy the requirements for minimum width, minimum depth and minimum extent as required under relevant norms and statutory regulations; If the proposal does not reduce the site of the abutting sites below that required for approving the sub-division as per this instructions; Dttcp the proposal does not dtvp the regulations and proposals of the Master Plan and Development Plan: AP Building Rules with Amendments.

Development charges at the prescribed rates will be collected from the applicant by Single Local Planning Authority concerned if the layout lies in the planning area. The local body will also check whether the site in question is under the process of acquisition by institutions like Tamil Nadu Housing Board or Tamil Nzdu Slum Clearance Board or any other organisation. On approval of road pattern by the Director, the applicant will be handover ruless road and OSR to respective local body.

Site inspection will conducted.

Unauthorized Request Blocked

Industrial and infrastructure corporation, Industries Department etc. Three copies of technically approved layout will be dispatched to the local body concerned along with the proceedings order. On scrutiny of applications if it was found that some particulars are still required and a decision taken at higher level to give some time to the applicant to furnish such particulars a letter will be sent to the rlues requesting him to furnish such particulars with in such time period.


Notification for GIS Dtvp. On approval of the layout by the council, the local body will intimate the concerned Sub-Registrar that the documents be registered. Amalgamation of site dctp may be approved. The sub-division approval for one site must not reduce the dimensions of the abutting site below the level that indicated for the sub-division proposals mentioned in this instructions.

Directorate of Town and Country Planning Click here rule view the check list for applications related to layout Scrutiny Form. The extent of land: In respect of Rural Areas, the developments are regulated under the provisions of Andhra Pradesh Panchayat Raj Act, in respect of approval layouts and granting permissions for industries and installations.

Sub-division proposals if create new roads as access ways to the sites, must not be considered as a sub-division. On production of receipts of remittance of centage charge by the applicant, the Fair copy of layout will be prepared, numbered and due entries will be made in the layout register. Ruless applicant will be required to remit the centage charges in the specified Head of Accounts.

Inspect of urban area particularly the Municipal towns are planned and regulated under fules provisions of APTP Act, under the provisions of local body acts, viz. The applicant can get the approved layout plan from the local body.