Eat Yourself Slim has 86 ratings and 7 reviews. Maria said: 5 stars for his method, but 3 stars for this book. I prefer the original version of his book. I’m currently reading the book by Michel Montignac called Eat Yourself Slim. It was reffered to me by a friend of my sister’s. Apparently, he’s a. Eat Yourself Slim: Modifying our eating habits often means first Eat Yourself Slim takes this principle to a new level. Slim. Michel Montignac.

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I will strive to avoid refined grains, but I won’t worry unnecessarily about a croissant every few weeks. This classic mcihel contains the simple food rules that will keep you slim and still allow you to eat your favourite foods.

Principles of the Montignac Method Scientifically Validated. This text is full of polysyllabic, very official-sounding language. It teaches you to adjust your eating habits to achieve the goals of: It was translated from French to English by someone who was not completely proficient in English so there are all sorts of odd expressions and idioms.

The purpose of this is to ensure that you eat meals that do not provoke increased blood sugar levels. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Katja rated it it was amazing Oct 22, Foreword Reviews only recommends books that we love. Choosing your foods wisely prevents your body from accumulating fat and activates burning of your stored fats for energy. Apparently, he’s a health-freak and has read and is following points in this book.

Montignac Method: Eat Yourself Slim

Mivhel juice prunes Montignac integral bread Montignac jam Green tea Lunch. Eat Yourself Slim by Michel Montignac. New Brunswick, Canada Posts: Read this with a laaaarge grain of salt. Lunch Avocado with vinaigrette Chicken breast and tarragon Cooked carrots Pineapple. Ultimately this results in weight loss and beneficial health outcomes. That doesn’t take away from the book – it’s amusin This book says that it’s not that because you are eag, you become insulin resistant, it’s because you are insulin resistant that you become overweight.


The Failure of Low Calorie Diets. You should wait at least two hours after a carbohydrate meal before consuming a meal containing fat.

It is interesting and it does work. If you have less than ten pounds to lose you should stay in phase I for at least three months. About Michel Montignac After a career in the pharmaceutical industry Michel Montignac decided to start researching nutrition with the aim of overcoming his own weight problems.

It was reffered to me by a friend of my sister’s. Based on the GI Diet, Michel reveals the secrets of good nutrition so you can lose weight and live healthily forever. Obesity in France has been increasing nevertheless over the last twenty years.

Adriana Angel rated it it was amazing Sep 25, In the intervening years, overeating has become more problematic, particularly in the United States. He does not understand vegetarianism or vegnism at all.

He was a pharmaceutical company executive before he became a one-man diet industry. For years, nutritionists have claimed that the only way to lose weight was to eat less, count calories, and cut out fat.

By telling your readers that they will still be able to drink wine and beer and eat generous helpings of food. Naomi Stone rated it really liked it Jun 24, If you have more weight to lose it is recommended to stay in phase I for a month after you reach your goal weight. In this book he doesn’t adequately explain why you need to split carbohydrate and protein meals, but rather focuses only on GI.


Montignac Diet Method

Montignac, like American Zone guru Barry Sears, rejects calorie counting in favor of conscious combinations. It suggests the right carbs and the right fats: Looking for beautiful books?

Eat Yourself Slim takes this principle to a new level. It especially emphasizes very low GI carbs, which has miche, effect of reducing high blood sugar and insulin levels. Oct 01, Maria rated it liked it. The Best Books of Oct 11, Svetlana Dimitri rated it it was amazing. Otherwise, it’s an odd book. However, dieters will need to be aware of portion sizes in order to achieve long-term success on this program. We’re ext millions of their reader ratings on our book pages to help you find your new favourite book.

Carbohydrates are chosen according to their GI glycemic index. This is why the Montignac Method is the only perfectly balanced diet. Warnings on the Misinterpretation of the Glycemic Index Concept. The lower the GI the most significant the weight loss!

Alex Simons rated it really liked it Oct 10,