About two years have passed since the launch of the Elektor SDR Shield for creating a shortwave SDR using the Arduino [1]. Plentiful positive feedback and. Elektor SDR Reloaded. SDR Shield for the Arduino. By Burkhard Kainka ( Germany). A Software Defined Radio is a universal tool in RF technology circles, one. Ein Software Defined Radio ist ein universelles Werkzeug in der HF-Technik, das auch für Messungen einsetzbar ist. Die Eigenschaften des Empfängers.

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Complete schematics are here: Given that there is no obvious antenna connector on the radio I am wondering if its possible to elsktor up an external antenna for the receiver to improve reception since I am in a rural area and AM broadcast is fairly weak and also because of the existing band conditions on shortwave.

Should have the best effect at all!

Try to find a solution for this problem or take the antenna inputs away from the receiver at these times. In conclusion, an interesting solution, close to the “funcube dongle” concept, already presented here.

As with the standalone preselector one has to tune the chosen FM-receiver by hand. It works after You have found a reasonable point for the 10,7 MHz-signal. You can find the schematic on several blogs dsr.


Elektor SDR question – DRM Software Radio Forums

TV Elektor Ethics Back to top. With some soldering, one is able to activate special inputs at the switching ic-circuit. Shorter wires have higher impedances. It eletor compatible with most well known SDR software. Save time by spreading curation tasks among your team.

Conduct test and measurement experiments with the built in function generator, or play back audio files with a multitude of effects and filters. The new topic will begin with this message.

Elektor SDR Reloaded (1)

Not bad for a low cost wide band device. I am curious if anyone else has experienced this?? So give the Elektor a look. The comment I read about the low entry cost of Softrock, I couldn’t hold back a pitch for Elektor. Powered by vBulletin Version 3.

Have a look at manual here: It is tuned by connection to the receiver and is able to give 4 tuned entrances. Send email to Digger. Find More Posts by mitajohn. Not only will it drive traffic and leads through your content, but it will help show your expertise with your followers.

Shizuoka City, Japan Posts: I don’t have a Facebook or a Twitter account. A fast, free C FFT library; includes real-complex, multidimensional, and parallel transforms. And you can still implement clever decimation to increase dynamic on a reduced bandwidth. Learn more about the different options. There is the new preselector announced by Elektor. Fully bus-powered USB 3. This is OK for a single signal, isolated from others by physical filtering TV signal indeed!


The version used Nexys2 employs a 1. Sorry, LEFT of course Home E,ektor Hashtags Subgroups.

Elektor SDR-Shield 2.0 (Module | 170515-91)

Company Media Kit Contact Scoop. Have anybody an idea? But the funcube has more dynamic, by design. I am seriously looking into the Elektor SDR in order to receive DRM broadcasts and have a question involving the use of external antennas with the receiver. This means, one has not to tune the preselctor by hand, it is done automatically.

Indeed, final dynamic will not be 87 dBs due to input stages, but we should obtain pretty good results from this device anyway By providing source code, thorough documentation, easy to grasp tutorials, and a place for open discussion modern radio systems will be demystified by covering everything from the RF, analog, and digital hardware design to the firmware running on the ARM MCU and FPGA to Linux kernel device drivers.

You can decide to make it visible only to you or to a restricted audience.

The baudline signal analyzer combines fast digital signal processing, versatile high speed displays, and continuous capture tools for hunting down and studying elusive signal characteristics.