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This book is a sequel to the author’s Elementary Vector Analysis, which dealt with vector algebra and differentiation with respect to one scalar variable. The treatise lacks the profundity of such vetcor works as those of Bianchi and Darboux.

Generally delivered in 5 – 9 days. The book is neither for dilettantes nor advanced students of the subject. The book is dedicated to R A Fisher and to the Memory of Karl Pearson, and the former author especially is extensively quoted, both for ideas and for tables of functions, though there is, as suggested reading, a larger proportion than is common in Britain of text of U.

Thewickerfan added it Nov 18, But at times he is found offering, as rigorous proofs, intuitive geometric arguments which, though enlightening and to the point in their proper place, are lacking in substance. Basic concepts could have been presented more carefully and given richer meaning. Mathematical reviews MR 22 You have reached the maximum number of selection.

This is a very useful and welcome supplement to the author’s recent book on Elementary Vector Analysis. The reviewer has no doubt that it will be widely appreciated by the students of statistics.

Shaw : Review: C. E. Weatherburn, Elementary Vector Analysis

Exchange offer not applicable. The book is based elenentary a course of lectures given by the author, and first impressions are that the subject has been dealt with competently and well, so far as it is taken. The conventional subjects are dealt with, but special mention must be made of the author’s treatment of small sampling distributions.


Other topics are however included, with the result that the two volumes together give an account of most of the principal branches of classical Differential Geometry. India’s fastest online shopping destination. After an introductory chapter recalling certain results in algebra and analysis which are constantly used in the sequel, the author proceeds in three chapters to develop the elements of the tensor calculus, the operations of raising and lowering suffices by means of fundamental symmetric tensor of the second rank, and the theory of covariant differentiation.

But the student must not neglect Darboux, as Prof Weatherburn has done. He devotes a lengthy chapter to the properties of three distributions, and then shows that most of the sampling distributions in common use may be regarded as sums, products or quotients of these variates. Expand your business to millions of customers Sell this item on Snapdeal. Try new Snapdeal App for higher exchange discount.

The need vectr a book of this kind has long been felt, and Professor Weatherburn is to be congratulated on filling it so admirably.

Weatherburn books

He presupposes some mathematical knowledge in his reader The book should serve as a simple introduction to these subjects treated by way of the vector methods, and for the purposes in view is admirably adapted to the student’s needs.

Apart from the merits of the book as a text on Statistical Mathematics, it will also be a useful help-book for the students of the degree course in Statistics, when read in eldmentary with the usual texts. Refresh and try again. An able presentation of the elements of the subject by vector methods, a clearly written text with an abundance of good exercises, this book should prove a welcome addition to the literature in differential geometry.

Apr 23, Jipa marked it as to-read.

Science Books Mechanics Books Brand: The reader, it is believed, will agree that it is a worthy contribution in a distinguished tradition.

While the mathematical analysis is undoubtedly clear it is possible that many will not be able to follow it in detail, and the conclusions of the analysis are not emphasized strongly. The geometry is the thing that holds the centre of the stage, and the analytical machinery is relegated to a subordinate place in the background where it ought to be in a book on geometry. When a specialist in vector analysis turns his attention to geometry, it is too often the result that the geometry becomes merely a foil for the aggrandizement of the vector analysis.


An ideal text-book on statistics should effectively co-ordinate a lucid exposition of the basic logic and concepts of statistical theory, with a thorough and, if possible, rigorous elucidation of the auxiliary mathematics needed. Professor Weatherburn has based his book on lectures given to students at the University of Western Australia.

Elementary vector analysis, with application to geometry and physics

Moreover, dyadics are introduced in the middle of the volume and are used to good effect throughout the later chapters. The more elementary parts of the subject are fairly adequately treated, but the more advanced portions are touched upon rather lightly. The book is based elementtary a course of lectures on statistical mathematics delivered in the University of Western Australia.

A useful reference and elementary treatment. The images represent actual product though color of the image and product may slightly differ. Mohd Sultan marked it as to-read Aug 17, Weatehrburn Handling Charges are levied for other expenses incurred while delivering to your location.

The student will find it elementaru convenient collection of them. The geometry of curves in space is treated briefly, kinematics and dynamics of a particle, systems of particles, rigid kinematics, rigid dynamics, rigid statics. Indeed it follows very closely the content, notation and arrangement of the former’s Riemannian Geometry. I agree to the. It is a sound and workmanlike volume.