(Note: READ the poem FIRST, before this commentary.) Delmira Agustini ( – ) She was a rising poet in Uruguay, known for original imagery while. Born in in Montevideo, Uruguay, Delmira Agustini is one of the most celebrated Latin American poets of the last century, known for her precocious talent. Transcript of Explosion Delmira Agustini. Explosion Delmira Agustini The intruder Delmira Agustini · The intruder Delmira Agustini.

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My sorrow flies into the night, sad, cold With its broken wings; Like an old scar that continues to ache— In the distant shade it dissolves… All my life sings, kisses, laughs!

Ante lo prora alegre un bello mar se extiende. I also did a poem by Delmira Agustini, and I noticed a lot of similarities between the two themes.

A5A23 Dewey Decimal Classification He urges that we must continue to ladle it out, whether after a loss or when that Love has fallen on parched earth, because that’s what we are meant to do – nay, we must do.

Delmira Agustini – poems

Aim your suns and rays at them! Without cookies your experience may not be seamless. See other books on: In the crystal clear East, Aurora’s Blushed beacon shines.

But with a mere glance, scarcely an intimacy, Perhaps the echo of a profane voice, This white and pristine soul shrinks Like a luminous flower, folding herself up! Life continues onward yet the feeling of love rattles the balance of life. I imagine you are old, I imagine you are wise, With a divine body of beating marble Which drags the weight of Time like a regal cloak Carefully selected for this bilingual, en face edition, the poems collected here track and highlight Agustini’s development and strengths as an artist—including her methods of experimentation, first relying on modernista forms and later abandoning them—and her focus on the figure of the male, which she portrays as the crux of devotion and attention but deems ultimately unreachable.


Mysterious fish scales, Dark curtains on rose visions Back Cover Download Save. Love is the underlying emotion that humanity desires, however, it never lasts forever. En el silencio de la noche mi alma Llega a la tuya como a un gran espejo.

Project MUSE Mission Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide. We love each other like this! I want more life so to love! She published her first volume of poetry when she was twenty-one and followed with two more in the next six years: Strange Princes of Fantasy! They Have seen her languid head, once erect, And heard her laugh, for her eyes Tremble with the flower of aristocracies!

I know in the well of your breast Is a fountain that vanquishes my thirst. The Life and Works of Delmira Agustini.

Explosión (Explosion) – Poem by Delmira Agustini

Forged from a partnership between a university press and a library, Project MUSE is a trusted part of the academic and scholarly community it serves. In a corner of this land with the colors of earth, I adore this pale moon, I adore exploxion death mask! My heart was dying slowly, sadly Ante lo prora alegre un bello mar delmirw extiende. The gray heads Of the owls keep watch.


Beyond an anxious prow, the sea stretches itself out.

The intruder Delmira Agustini by Bettina Calandria on Prezi

Agustinni my goal is to post one poem each day for a year as an exercise and meditation on the subject. My heart was dying slowly, sadly… Now it opens like a Phoebean agistini Now I feel A thousand years of ideas are not worth One blue minute of sentiment. After only a few weeks of marriage, Delmira asked for divorce.

Another lineage Eros, I want to guide you, blind Father The golden anchor beckons In your hands my soul will tremble, On your shoulders my cross will rest. For looking so far, they never see!

English I will tell you the dreams of my life On this deepest of blue nights. Yeats 2 Wislawa Szymborska 2 ancient Egypt 2 A. En el oriente claro como un cristal, esplende El fanal sonrosado de Aurora. O exxplosion, frescuras, perfumes! Larger than life, larger than dream, A love imprisoned beneath an azure without end.