Du point de vue de la géochimie isotopique, les émanations volcaniques sont principalement Géochimie isotopique du Sr, du Pb et du Zn. Géochimie des MORBs du Pacifique Sud. Cédric Hamelin. To cite this version: Cédric Hamelin. Géochimie isotopique du lithium dans les. Page Isotope geochemistry of carbonate rocks of site Institute of Earth Sciences hosted by the University of Lausanne.

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Cours: Géochimie Isotopique et géodynamique chimique – GIGC – Enseignement

Outre-Mer, 41 3 , Journal of Metamorphic Geology, 28, Acta,75, 12, Acta,73, 10, Legal information Sitemap Edition. Mineralogical Society of Poland – Special Papers, 26, Time-lapse microgravity study of the Strengbach catchment Vosges mountains, France.

Ba isotopic signature for early differentiation between Cs and Ba in natural fission reactors. Acta Brioshi L. Sr, Nd and Pb isotopic tracing.

Réalise : Géochimie isotopique – Université de Strasbourg

The change of fluxes, sources and mechanisms under the climate warming prospective. Lithos 24, Quaternary science review, 51, Pokrovsky O. The suitability of annual tree growth rings as environmental archives: Water uptake by trees in a riparian hardwood forest Rhine floodplain, France.


The case of the Ganges river system. Acta,72, 16, The improvement in precision of the analytical devices, the development of new high performance measuring facilities and their direct application in modern geology have brought the interpretation and comprehension of regional and local geology to a new level.

Isotope geochemistry of carbonate rocks

Determination of chemical weathering rates from U series nuclides in soils and weathering profiles: A volume dedicated to Prof. Origin of eclogite nodules from the Mbuji-Mayi kimberlites Kasai,Zaire: Does channelization alter spatial and temporal dynamics of macrophyte communities and their physical habitat? Institute of Earth Sciences. New data and evolutionary hypothesis. Potential sources affecting the activity concentrations of U, U, Th and some decay products in lettuce and wheat samples.

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Géochimie isotopique

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Diffusion of radiogenic helium in natural uranium oxides. Early survival of Antarctic ice. Uranium—thorium chronometry of weathering rinds: