The fifth revised Tribebook, Glass Walkers focuses on the most urbane of werewolf . As to the book itself, the Glass Walker Tribebook for anyone who runs. During the 20th century Glass Walker septs were organized in Houses (as described in the 1st Edition Tribe book). The four Houses were both. A list of all Glass Walker tribe Gifts for Werewolf: the Apocalypse, compiled from all source books, using the revised edition of books when available. For Glass.

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A technological spirit or war-spirit teaches this Gift. A character trying to break the encryption on a connection can treat the attempt as an extended test.

This Gift is taught by a snake-spirit. The number of successes necessary depends on the encryption used on the message or connection that the character is trying to pierce. The damage still applies to the object, however, and if the object glasswalmer destroyed then any connection between the object and the opponent is destroyed with it. The main difference between Houses and Camps is, that houses share a duty not a philosophy. Central House – Responsible for leadership, administration and dealings with other septs.

However, the plants can use artificial substances such as glsswalker and plastic for soil.

Cyberfetishes | Rage Across Baltimore | Obsidian Portal

This Gift allows the Garou to change all cybernetics in his body back into flesh. In the 19th century, with the Industrial Revolution and the penetration of less rigid modes of thought, there came a rift between the Tetrasomians in Europe and America.

While one of the Wise Guys favorite gun Gifts Trick Shot, rediscovered from the Iron Riders by Gianluigi Lucci eventually leaked to the whole tribe, this one may well go with them to their grave. Lgasswalker Gift lasts for one hour per success. The character may never command elementals of the other group. Corporate Wolves Whate you wear determines your worth as a human being in the modern corporate world.

This Gift is usually taught by a City Father or Mother, often in return for the accomplishment of a great deed. He may choose to exchange normal hearing for radar, or ordinary sight for infrared glasswalker UV sight.

The spiritually summoned backup arrives a scene later, although the Garou can convert extra successes to speed the arrival of assistance rather than adding to the numbers.


This Gift allows the Wise Guy to shoot a victim in the physical world from the Umbra. Heat Metal Rank 2 Glass Walker Gift Glass Walkers — who understand the workings of science and spirits alike — can mystically excite tgibe molecules within metal. By doing this, the Garou can extend limbs out to ridiculous lengths, completely redesign their physical shape height, weight, etc.

Trees may become shelter, buck antlers become spears, animal hides become armor, and flowers become perfumes. Book of the Weaver.

Some use mundane computers and techniques, others leap into the Umbra and deal with the technological spirits driving computers directly. An electricity elemental is bound into them. These levels of damage may be divided among as many opponents as the number of Rage points invested in this Gift. The effects, however, do not last for long.

Glass Walkers learn this Gift from fire, earth, or metal elementals. Doors mysteriously unlock upon her approach; padlocks fall open with no explanation.

This Gift allows the Glass Walker to turn all machines in the room into possessed monsters; mobile phones suddenly beginning ringing at their loudest volume and book themselves at the person nearest to them, televisions deliberately explode, and electrical wires whip around, tripping and strangling whomever they can see. The Central House keeps vast records of every debt owed the tribe. While other tribes, and many Glass Walkers, often append this title to Glass Walker sept leaders as well, other prominent camps are as likely to call their sept leaders by glasswalke titles for example, the Random Interrupts call their sept leaders “moderators” and Corporate Trlbe call theirs “chairmen” or “VPs”.

City Farmers – These Garou, often regarded with amusement or contempt by their tribemates, attempt to bring the natural world into the city, creating “random Gaian explosions” of natural life throughout the city.

Fianna, Get of Fenris & Glasswalker Litany of the Tribe Book Werewolf Apocalypse

The idea was to be gone the moment after the deed was done. An abandoned lot might be 5, trribe typical city building bathed in the smog of passing cars might be a 6 or 7, tribbe an oil glzsswalker site might be 9. An example would be in airports or other places with metal detectors.

Chill of Early Frost system: The player spends one Willpower point and rolls Gnosis, difficulty 7. The cybernetics become flesh immediately.

Corporate Wolves The Glass Walkers have always needed the ability to hide in plain sight more than other tribes by glasswaalker of being in plain sight so much more often. Taking the unusual totem Cockroach as their spiritual patron, the Glass Walkers find themselves semi-pariahs among their brethren for their love gook the city and, to a lesser extent, for their affinity for humanity and its technology, which some other tribes proclaim as evidence of their corruption by the Weaver, but continue marching to the sound of their sythesized drums, confident that their chosen lifestyle holds the key to preserving Gaia.


Each success heals one health level. The Garou may command the spirits of the simplest machines, causing levers to flip, doors to unbolt, pulleys to roll and so tribbe.

The player tlasswalker one Gnosis point to receive an extra action. Burst restrictions are still recommended with automatic weapons to keep the gun from overheating and jamming. We think you’ll have a much more enjoyable experience.

More commonly, other Garou teach it. A snake or cicada-spirit teaches this Gift. Difficulty depends on the degree of change.

Whereas the latter tribe holds the streets and slums as its domain, the Glass Walkers are in the thick of the financial and technological flow, fighting their battles as often with guns, computers, and bank accounts as with fang and claw.

Working out which punk to hit in a street gang to make the rest run would only require one success, working out which guy needs to bribing to bring down an entire corporation would require at least five. Whilst the urban jungle offers many new possibilities for the hunter, it also presents its share of difficulties.


Since the target is probably unaware of the attack, most attacks made with this Tribr are at point blank range and probably lethal. In Lupus form when that option is absolutely necessarytheir fur is often mottled and multicolored, usually trimmed and sometimes dyed.

The Garou must plant seeds in the area to be fertilized. No visibility modifiers or off-hand penalties affect his actions while this Gift is in effect.