The fashion doyenne’s memoir may be starry but it lacks depth, insight redhead called Grace Coddington, who is Vogue’s creative director. Swinging London, chic Paris, sizzling St.-Tropez When Vogue Creative Director Grace Coddington left Wales at eighteen for a modeling. Gaby Wood celebrates the hopscotch life of Grace Coddington, one of fashion’s most enduring icons.

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For example, she yrace about her lunch interview to make the transition from model to fashion editor, but never describes what it is a fashion editor actually does.

Coddington thinks there was far too much of her in the film, and she suspects her boss felt the same way. Her view of fashion, past and present, will delight readers who embrace the concept of self-expression through fashionable clothing. In my opinion, biographies can be either terrific or tedious – there is no in-between.

With the witty, forthright voice that has endeared her to her colleagues and peers for more than forty years, Grace now creatively directs the reader through the storied narrative of her life so far. Foddington you for signing up!

Subscribe to The Boston Globe today. I recognized only grqce very small percentage of the hundreds mentioned: A breezy, fun read for those interested in Grace and her rise to the top of the fashion coddlngton.

She clearly found her passion early in life and loves and excels in what she does. Grace by Grace Coddington is a memoir of the model and Vogue creative director. She was recently interviewed in The New York Times about her memoirs and a couple of quotes stuck out to me most: She spends way more time talking about her pets in detail and their personalities than a single human in her book, including coddngton various ex-husbands.


Had this book been a bit more balanced in regards to her personal life versus her work life I would have given it a 5 star. Some photos, lots of her cartoonish drawings, and a number of pages of her Vogue pictures.

Grace by Grace Coddington – review | Books | The Guardian

This book certainly isn’t for nemoir. While Coddingtonn parents ran this picturesque inn, they would never own it. Through tales of star-studded evenings, coupled with the charming pen and ink illustrations that dot the book, Coddington details the domino-stacked series of coincidences and acquaintances that led to a career of working with top photographers of the s on covers for Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Elle.

It is almost too detailed about her work and everyone associated with it, in particular the models, photographers and designers who were a big part of that world.

‘Grace: A Memoir’ by Grace Coddington

It’s also disconcerting, to say the least, to find grave events — the car mmemoir in which she lost the only child she was ever able to conceive; the breakdown and early death of her sister, whose son Coddington later adopted — passed over in two cool sentences, when she is willing to devote several pages to codddington favourite models, and a whole chapter to her cats.

This book is impossible to follow, poorly written and sounds li Looking for a quick vacation-read.

I finished it but I really can’t recommend it. Grace Coddington is the foul-mouthed creative director of American Vogue who first became widely known in the documentary film, The September Issue. Jan 11, SheilaRaeO rated it liked it. I pop into the branch during the day, grab a new batch of CD’s and listen as I work.

The pages of Vogue in the Fifties gave Coddington herself a ticket out of Anglesey, and she made up more places for others to go: The rest of the book is a wide view of fashion from the s until today.


Grace by Grace Coddington – review

She is bohemian in dress, lack of makeup, and her wild mass of red hair. The average reader may find the writing a little bit pretentious, since not everyone grae of the jet set and may not relate to most of what is written about. I have never had the opportunity or inclination to become part of the fashion industry but I find it intriquing.

The description of her childhood pulled me in. But the editors really failed her by not finding her a co-writer who could tease her stories out of her in a more competent fashion.

Grace: a Memoir by Grace Coddington: review – Telegraph

There is plenty for a lonely girl to explore in the woods and the bay. I am staggering between two stars and three clddington but I think it’s only going to get two because she was just too flip and fast with some things – her miscarriage, the divorces, I would have liked to heard more about her nephew Tristan too.

And so it was off again. The insight in to the fashion sense of Russia and China at the dawn of their opening to the coddkngton were absent from the description of the on site fashion shoots.

Grace steals the picture, and it ends up being far more interesting watching Grace manage photo shoots, argue with Anna, and in general live a far more vibrant life.