Hey all! Posted awhile back about wanting to get into the game. Scored a very large collection for a very surprising price from an old friend. Heroscape – All Official Maps & Scenarios [Web Link Link] Gencon Scenario, official scenario, dungeon adventure, and Lost Scenarios and . “A battlefield/scenario book shows how to build five battlefields, layer by layer. ” HeroScape: Rise of the Valkyrie is the original master set for the HeroScape.

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Unreleased Scenario Update Great stuff! Use ShopWiki for starters, then search on HeroScape items at the stores that come up.

The time now is Made from virtually indestructible materials, its constant metallic drone is all but drowned out by the sound of the bubbling molten lava and hot steaming tar.

Classified During his earliest attempts to harness the power of the Wellsprings and bring heroes to Valhalla from across time, Vydar created the Phase-Space Device.

Newest Custom Battlefields & Scenarios

Battlefields of Valhalla Posted October 22nd, at One method used by the General to train his new recruits for battle is a kind of virtual reality simulation using advanced holographic technology. Unreleased Scenario Hsroscape Is Song of the Pillars the scenario that Jexik would have been talking about when he said that there was a scenario scsnario out with good multi-player rules?

Each card has a point value that you use to assemble a force up to a total point value that the players agree on before they draft their armies.


Wound markers are used to keep track of how much life each figure has left this isn’t necessary for army cards that have more than one figure, since each of them only has 1 life, but there are many singular figure cards that have well more than 1 life.

Custom Wave 3 and March of Shadows: What were they protecting so fiercely? Does anyone really know what the source of this massive infestation is? The months from October to January are apparently the very best time to start collecting, because the prices are low either for the holiday season or end of year clearance. You roll attack dice as listed on your unit’s card 1 to 8 dice in the Master Scenraioand the opponent rolls defense dice equal to the number on their unit’s card 1 to 9 dice.

Page 1 of This scenario also requires the Warriors of Feldspar pack from Valkirll’s Gambit collection This means if you put two order markers on the same card, you could advance one squad twice, each squad once, or a combination. The scenario is a 2 player, 5 round fight to the death! An angry little pygmy, presumably a native of the island, was yelling, pointing at hersocape and then to an odd stone totem nearby.

Heroscape: Maps, Customizations, Armies, House Rules

Thankfully, there are powerful Glyphs scenaio that we can utilize to secure the area until our reinforcements arrive. Posted inHeroscape NewsBattlefields Comments 1. A race to grab the most treasure while others hunt for prey. You can place multiple order markers on a single army card to get more turns with it. Utgar’s Invasion at Feldspar Pass Scenario 4: The massive stone walls, etched with hundreds of ancient symbols, are slowly returning to the swamp as vines, moss, and other vegetation entangle the structure.


Find all posts by heroscaoe. Like two silent sentinels, well fortified bunkers overlook the low valley plane and the ruined city of Stechavan.

A recently discovered wellspring there has completely frozen over and is the site of this heated battle. Posted October 22nd, at As we were hiking through the jungle a shout arose. This sea cave is believed to connect in some way to the Cave of Shadows.

Heroscape: The Lost Scenarios! – Heroscapers

The Door to the Inner wall has been destroyed and the wallwalks have been breached. This is an ordered list, based on the Power Rankings thread at Heroscapers. The terrain itself can also present some interesting strategy.

Posted in Site AnnouncementBattlefields Comments This treacherous passageway is the only way to avoid the natural bottleneck at Stechavan formed by the surrounding mountains.