Hornblower and the Hotspur (Hornblower Series) [C. S. Forester] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. April The Peace of Amiens is. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. MacNee (The Avengers and A View to a Kill) is a superb choice to read this ripping yarn—the third in Forester’s. On the day of his marriage to Maria, Hornblower is ordered to take the Hotspur and head for Brest – war is coming and Napoleon will not catch.

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I’ll list the 11 books in chronological order not the order they were writtenwhich is the best way, I believe, to read them: And, is Hornblower going to imitiate the great Lord Nelson later in life? The thought came up in Hornblower’s mind that these were the last few seconds in which he could withdraw from doing something which he knew to be ill-considered.

He struggled into the gloves despite the handicap of the bag he was carrying; they were splendid thick woollen gloves, each with separate thumb and forefinger.

It starts out with Hornblower getting married, rather surprising considering where we left off in the last book. Hornblower tried not to betray his relief at that speech; from Cornwallis that was more than approval–it was hearty praise.

Down the after hatchway to where the surgeon and his lob-lolly boy hotspru ready to deal with the wounded. Hornblower lay still, trying to harden his heart to rise, and Maria spoke again; her voice was half muffled by the pillow, but her forced change of mood was apparent even so.

Hornblower and the Hotspur by C. S. Forester, from Project Gutenberg Canada

Hornblower was not so sure; he had lived for ten years under a strict convention that cold steel should never be drawn under a roof or a deck. Hotspur rose to a wave, lay over, and Hornblower, taken by surprise, staggered down the deck on to Cargill’s broad chest. Not only that, but more than half the men had seen service in men o’ war before the Peace of Amiens.

This is a worthy last book for Horatio and once again gives him all the challenges he and his ship can handle and handle it he does. And he must think about something else. He should have waited perhaps two more minutes. Although his self-consciousness sometimes grates especially when dealing with poor Mariathis book shows more clearly than some of the others how Horatio does tend to do the right thing, it’s just that his over-analysis of his own motives and the situation can drive the reader mad.


On another occasion, Hotspur leads the attack against French transports trying to sneak from Brest under cover of darkness. Then you toast ’em over the galley fire. Hornblower steeled himself not to wince at hearing a naval officer’s wife speak about being ‘on’ a ship; he also had to steel himself to having steak for breakfast, when steak was by no means his favourite dish, and when he was so excited that he felt he could eat nothing.

That was all to the good, and Hornblower had no intention of allowing Prowse to guess that the excellent passage was the result of a fortunate fluke, of a coincidence of circumstances.

Hornblower and the Hotspur Summary & Study Guide

His stomach heaved again and he cared even less. Never in his life had Hornblower rendered honours to a French ship of war; through his whole professional career until now sighting had meant fighting. He had not the vision to see what Hornblower saw. Hotspur must be under very easy sail indeed, and, as far as he could judge, with a moderate wind on the starboard beam.

And there was Maria beside him, in the white that so little became her. Hornblower cut the steak in two, and helped Maria to the larger half. He uses a fund of gold francs provided by the Admiralty to gently bribe the local fishermen for information about the readiness of the French squadron in Brest. It certainly was not like Bush to leave everyone in the lurch like this; it was in marked contrast with his behaviour during the last few whirlwind days.

Hornblower and the Hotspur [Hornblower Saga #3]

Hornblower heard a sharp word and a ragged clash of steel, and there were the fifty seamen in a double rank stretching away from the door, making an arch of their drawn cutlasses for the couple to walk beneath. That was not fear, for she had utter and complete trust in him. Copyrights Hornblower and the Hornnblower from BookRags. This was the crucial moment.


And then the ordnance stores, you say? We’ll see what sort of seamen they are. FP now includes eBooks in its aand. Bush did not know of the quickening heartbeats and the sweaty palms. He spends over two years on this tour of duty–dealing with espionage, politics, bad weather, homesickness, hots;ur, once or twice, actual war.

He reached out and pressed the hand she gladly proffered him. And his stomach was about to betray him again. The man could hardly whisper. Well, you have it.

Keep your eye hotslur Brest. Maria heard those sounds as clearly as Hornblower did, and she quickly snatched away from him the cold lips she had raised to his.

He could be sure now of his next meal, even though it would be salt beef and biscuit. It later transpires that the prize ships were claimed by the Admiralty, as war had not been officially declared against Spain at the time of the capture, so Hornblower would not have profited in any case.

This is the third novel in the Hornblower series. He was competing unobtrusively with Bush for Hornblower’s attention. Someone pounding vigorously on the door, and he realised that the pounding had grown-up from an earlier gentle tapping that he had ignored.

Cornwallis took the glass in his hand and looked hornbllower. Nov 07, Michael Campbell rated it really liked it. Not the most perfect man on earth could merit this devotion. Trust Bush to have all those details at his fingers’ ends, even though Hornblower had found two small points to find fault with, for which Bush was ultimately responsible. He was pallid with sea-sickness because the change of motion had found him out, but uornblower attack had not been as severe as he had experienced during the run down-channel.