HT-STHX CHANNEL NETWORK A/V RECEIVER/SPEAKER PACKAGE . Subwoofer cable • Speaker set-up microphone • Instruction manual. The Onkyo HT-STHX is a cut above, offering a highly competent HTiB that is far . I had to manually adjust the subwoofer down to It’s also possible to manually tweak these parameters from their calculated values . Performance Onkyo Onkyo HT-STHX Home Theater in a Box Page 2.

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Onkyo HT-STHX Home Theater in a Box Page 2 | Sound & Vision

Disagree that you don’t really need THX – it does fine tune things in my humble opinion. The input buttons are conveniently placed at the top ht-s9400tnx the remote just under the power button. GoldenEar Technology Triton One. Setup Before you can begin ht-s9400yhx setup, there is the matter of unpacking the system from a monster box. A inch, W powered subwoofer completes the package.

This is a further sound enhancement to 5.

Ht-s9400tjx if we were evaluating it just as an HTiB, again, I think it would rise to the top. Holiday Sales Were the Strongest in Years. Here We Go Again. Holiday Sales Were the Strongest in Years.

This surround system can produce a discrete or a matrix-encoded sixth channel from. There are other buttons you can program if you want ht-9400thx control additional devices with this remote.


Performance Onkyo is one of my favorite companies because it tends to be very consistent with the quality of its products.

Fantastic Submitted by Naim Audio on September 19, – 7: The HTS-STHX includes ht-s99400thx full-featured HT-R AVR, two larger front left and right speakers, a dedicated center identical to the front left and right in a horizontal orientationand four smaller, identical side and rear surround speakers. In action sequences, such as those found in the latest Star Trek movie, bass was plenty loud but lacked that precision impact when accentuating the action.

After only owning this for 2. The front panel is graced with a large and highly readable LCD display. These basic, old-school, rectangular speaker enclosures lack any sort ht-s9400rhx industrial design that would be more welcome in modern decors.

In the final analysis, the real problem with this system is the speakers. Movement from channel to channel was smooth and didn’t exhibit any fluctuations in timbre. Audyssey does everything THX does better.

Onkyo HT-S9400THX Instruction Manual: Explanatory Notes

It passed every one of our tests with flying colors, including some that some far more expensive AVRs have failed. At this price point there’s Submitted by techguy on January 26, – Performance Features Ergonomics Value.


GoldenEar Technology Triton One. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. The AV receiver’s listening modes can transform your listening room into a movie theater or concert hall, with high.

At moderate listening volumes, performance was much better than when I tried to crank it.

The Tree Of Life. HTiBs are not well known for performing well at high volumes, as they usually don’t have enough power to sustain such volumes without exhibiting various deficiencies.

Audyssey’s 2EQ auto calibration did everything wrong: Unless you have a pickup truck or can remove all the seats in your minivan, you’ll need to rent a truck to get it home, have it shipped from an online retailer, or unpack the individual components at the store Despite the large step up in size and performance compared to other HTiB systems, this system has one thing in common with them—the speaker terminals and included speaker wires are color-coded for a faster setup.

After only owning this ht-s9400tthx 2. Moreover, since this ht-s400thx a THX-certified system, you can be assured that the AVR and speakers are properly matched for optimum performance.