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ICEA S applies to materials, constructions, and testing of crosslinked polyethylene (XLPE) and ethylene propylene rubber (EPR). Find the most up-to-date version of ICEA S at Engineering ANSI / ICEA S Standard for extruded insulation power cables rated above 46 through. kV. ISO Standards. Our systems comply with the.

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Properly chosen conductive, cloth-type semiconducting bedding tapes can be used to minimize this problem. At the end of this period, the specimens shall be removed, allowed to cool to room temperature, and inspected for cracking.

The temperature of the molded specimens shall be lowered at any suitable rate. The tensile strength shall be calculated based on the area of the unstretched specimen. Dry nitrogen gas or dry air shall be applied at the other end until the pressure is 15 psi kPa gauge. Corrosion Resistance Experience has shown that the metallic shields of un-jacketed cables will corrode in many types of coil.

The volume resistivity shall be calculated as follows: Conductors shall be stranded. This solution may be reused for subsequent tests provided that it works as effectively as a fresh solution.

The portion of a cable which includes the conductor, the conductor shield, the insulation and the extruded insulation shield. When tested in accordance with Part 9, the jacket shall meet the applicable requirements. The manufacturer shall wait a minimum of 20 days after the insulation extrusion process before the tests are performed.

The minimum thickness of flat straps shall be 0. The outer layer of a stranded copper conductor may be tin coated to assist with free stripping of the adjacent polymeric layer. All rights including translation into other languages, reserved under the Universal Copyright Convention, the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, and the international and Pan American Copyright Conventions.


Some metallic shield designs and their effect on cable cores at elevated emergency operating temperatures are discussed below. The test area grips, chamber, extensometer shall be conditioned at the test temperature for a minimum of 3 hours to ensure stability of the test environment. When such conditions are anticipated, the purchaser should consult with the cable supplier to determine the appropriate insulationthickness. Maximum stress levels in Table assume the actual operating voltage shall not exceed the rated voltage by more than 5 percent during continuous operation or 10 percent during emergencies lasting not more than 15 minutes.

ISCOPE This standard applies to materials, constructions, and testing of crosslinked polyethylene XLPE and ethylene propylene rubber EPR insulated single conductor shielded power cables rated above 46 to kV used for the transmission of electrical energy. This coating may be graphite or other suitable material.

The cable design passing qualification tests qualifies that voltage level and below, provided that the calculated electrical stresses at the conductor for the designs at lower voltage levels do not exceed the electrical stresses at the conductor calculated for the design selected for qualification purposes.

Radial moisture bamers include metallic sheaths, bonded metallic foil laminates, or other alternate designs as agreed upon between the purchaser and manufacturer. The lower electrode s shall be electrically grounded and may be either 1 a common plate under, and extending at least 2 inches ICEA standards are adopted in the public interest and are designed to eliminate misunderstandings between the manufacturer and the purchaser and to assist the purchaser in selecting and obtaining the proper product for his particular need.

We kcea information about your activities on the site with our partners and Google partners: I Winding of the Test Specimen on Mandrels The test voltages for partial discharge measurements are listed in Table ASTM B for compact round stranded aluminum conductors using single input wire constructions.

Ethylene propylene rubber insulation has two classifications. The jacket can either be nonconducting or semiconducting.

ICEA S-108-720

A continuous length of cable collected on a reel at the end of an extrusion line. The user of this Standards Publication is cautioned to observe any health or safety regulations and rules relative to the manufacture and use of cable made in conformity with this Standard. Without a smooth cylindrical conductor shield around a stranded conductor see Figure Four silver-painted electrodes shall be applied to the conductor shield.


The resultant polymers may provide improvements while complying with applicable requirements in ICEA standards. Length of cable covered by insulation shield and metallic shield.

ICEA S – PDF Free Download

An official written interpretation will be provided. The minimum radius specified refers to the inner radius of the cable bend and not to the axis of the cable.

If any sample fails to pass these tests, the length of cable from which the sample was taken shall be considered as not meeting the requirements of this standard and another sample shall be taken from each of the two other lengths of the cable in the lot iicea cable under test. The tensile strength and elongation of the specimens shall then be determined in accordance with 9.

The measurements shall be made directly on the sheath removed from the cable.

Existence 018 an ICEA standard does not in any respect preclude the manufacture or use of products not conforming to the standard. Samples shall be cut from the insulation with a cross-section not greater than 0. For other voltage ratings and conductor sizes, specific agreement between purchaser and manufacturer in the selection of insulation maximum stress for each application 7220 required.

Parts 2 to 7 cover the major components of cables: A dc or 60 Hz ac source can be used. A current electrode shall be placed at least 1 inch