NOTE- IS: · 1m TABLE 10 WELDING NECK FLANGES (Clausts alld IS. 63ft • It71 TABLE 11 PLATE FLANGES FOR WELDING. NOM SIZE, FLANGE, RAISED FACE, DRILLING, NECK. D, b, h1, d4, f, BOLT NO, NO. d2, K, d3, h2, r. , , 26, 70, , 5, M27, S2, 30, , , Phone: + Specification For Flanges. Flanges. As per B.S 10 Flanges. Welding Pressure. 10 Kgs. / cm2 equivalent. ND 10/IS: T/

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Pressure Pressure Allowable Allowable Other ratings at primary service Gmperature, ratings at any other temperature, rS II T,stress value at primary service temperaturt- stress value at any temperature, 7, properties Proper9 are given below: API category B Pressure temperature rating: The term integralflange applies to flanges integralwith pipes, valves and2.

Alloy steel flanges shall be marked with the symbols designated in Table 1. Norm — The two types of Ranges shown arc alternatives at the option Even though the body is designed for a maximum pressure of 2.

These shall Abe screwed in 6 shall as agreed be prepared theto between7. The valve has a fully rubber lined body and a rubber encapsulated disc with a square slot for the drive end shaft. For alloy steel studs or bolts, nuts of a similar steel, If carbon steel is used, it shall have but of a different qrade shall be used.

The valve has excellent throttling characteristics with good low flow control capability, which offers an inherently higher rangeability. Carbon and Carbon Matzganese Steele 1. All dimensions in millimetres. The valve is available in ‘wafer’ as well as ‘wafer lugged’ version with a host of seat and encapsulation material to cater to majority of the chemical process industry requirement.

However, a quality factor of 0. Post on Nov 5. For details reference may be made to IS: If the difference is more than 3 mm, it may be ncgotiatcd in a slope of 1 in 5. They shall be cleaned out to sound metal before welding, and shall be submitted to the purchasers inspector for approval in this condition, after which they may be welded if the purchaser so agrees.


The IVR model Butterfly dampers, offered by Intervalve India are essentially seatless Butterfly valves intended for low pressure gas lines and air lines. Home Documents IS An adjustable gland box type shaft sealing arrangement permits on line adjustment of the packing to ensure zero leakage. The double offset disc design nearly eliminates the seating wear due to the camming action of the disc during closing.

API category A Valve face to face dimensions: The lightweight construction with the narrow wafer body enables easy fitment of these valves in ducts, manifolds and exhaust lines without additional support or strengthening of pipe lines. Flanges not integral Machined at Back.

Outside Diameter D Machined Up to fflanges inclusive Over Over mm to mm inclusive mm lo mm inclusive f f 1 mm 1. Values other steels will be included when available.

All dimckonr N–Far in millimetres. Its split body makes it easy for seal replacement during maintainance. A real workhorse from the IV stables, IVGK model Butterfly valve incorporates the optimum design features to provide long trouble free service in the field. The top shaft sealing is through stuffing box type gland sealing arrangement, which is field adjustable. Yet another real workhorse from the IV stables, IVTL model Butterfly valve incorporates the optimum design features to provide long trouble free service in the field.

The fully circular back up elastomer and live loaded disc shoulder sealing ensures bubble tight closing of the Valve with zero shaft leakage. Ilangcs the bolt holes shall be drilled off centres. The mechanical stopper provided on the valve body ls precise valve closing every time to ensure specified seat tightness. The disc flap is held id position by a stub shaft with an axial locking arrangement provided on the top shaft.

IVR is an ideal choice for furnace air flow and combustion control applications.

Import Data and Price of flange pn 16 under HS Code | Zauba

The valve’s unique design totally eliminates media contact with any 66392 surface of the valve. The type of protector and method of attachment shall be approved by the purchaser.


Where there is no application standard the method of attachment shall be the subject of agreement between the purchaser and the manufacturer. Details o P conditions under which a licence for the use of the ISI Certification Mark may be granted to manufacturers or processors, may be obtained from the Indian Standards Institution. The wafer style body has ix design to fit between pipe flanges of almost all popular flange standards.

After welding, flanges shall be heat-treated, except that welds required for finish- and appearances only need not be heat treated, if approved by the purchaser. Intervalve’s GKL series valves are designed to meet the demanding requirements of the general utility valve market with the HVAC segment in particular.

The purchaser shall specify the weld preparatio?

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This general purpose soft seated Butterfly valve has a fully rubber lined single piece body with centric disc construction and is available in wafer type body pattern.

The lugged version with threaded holes can be used as end of line valves or terminal end valves. SIZE10 15 20 2. The valve is available with 3 distinctly different seat design versions, viz. He shall be at liberty to reject any material which does vlanges comply with the requirements of this. The integrally moulded spherical profile seat with a matching profile on the disc shoulder both closed die moulded ensures perfect sealing with minimum operating torque and prevents any fluid ingress into the shaft bores.

The thickness of the portion of the flange which connects it to the pipe should be not less than the pipe thickness nor more than 3 mm thicker. All dimensions in millimctres.