Koenraad Elst (born 7 August ), Belgian Indologist and author of over twenty books on topics related to Hinduism, Indian history, and Indian politics. Results 1 – 16 of 31 Decolonizing The Hindu Mind (PB). by Dr Koenraad Elst in India: concealing the record of Islam. by Koenraad Elst. Dr. Koenraad Elst was born in Leuven, Belgium, on 7 August , into a Flemish (i.e. Dutch-speaking Belgian) Catholic family. He graduated in Philosophy.

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Posted by Koenraad Elst at 6: This in turn is a symbol of the World Axis, physically the polar axis pointing to the Pole Star, elts the star on top of the treehighlighted by the objective and measurable fact of the Winter Solstice, when the Sun turns northward and flst, as it were, reborn. The common allegation against Pushyamitra is inn fact a calque on a more truthful testimony aboutt Ashoka.

If it had not assumed the same rights for the majority, it would not had been passed by the Constituent Assembly. Two things are problematic with this “Diwali Tree”. Not if you live in the real world, but the parallel world which the Indologists have created for themselves is different.

To anchor the language family even deeper in Europe, the stage of Proto-Indo-European unity is pushed back beyond the Neolithic to the end of the Ice Age in the Mesolithic more than 10, years ago, rather than the usually assumed 6,all on kodnraad strength of already existing hypotheses by legitimate scholars. Ill-informed Hindus tend to adopt elements from a tradition which they call Christian, often in elsg most Christian and least rational form.

On the side, it also delivered them huge territorial gains in Africa, taking over the German colonies, and in the Middle East, semi-colonizing Ottoman territories in the Levant and the Gulf region. A Case Study in Natural Religion. Indian studies and Islamic History.

This criticism is misplaced, for there is a perfectly honourable explanation: David Gordon White, who in his book Kiss of the Yogini argues that the claim is wrong and that the Vedas already contain many Tantric themes.


The evolving meaning of a very consequential word; published in the journal Vedic Venues 2, p. State of Bombay, it was held “in regard to affairs in matters of religion, the right of management given to a religious body is a guaranteed fundamental right which no legislation can take away. International Review for the History of Religions. Indian Politics and Hindutva. Many ex-Christian Westerners do adorn their houses with a Yule Tree and concomitant symbolism e.

This Act may be called the Constitution Amendment Act, PragyataDecember Fortunately, nothing came from the plan to give Belgium, whose Godfrey of Bouillon had been the first Crusader king of Jerusalem, the League of Nations’ mandate over Palestine.

A law, which takes away the right of administration altogether from the religious denomination and vests it in any other or secular authority, would amount to violation of the right which is guaranteed by article 26 d of the Constitution”.

Koenraad Elst

Amendment of article The Quest for the Origins of Vedic Culture: Article 30, as it stands, confers educational rights on religious and linguistic minorities without saying anything about the majority. The State has to treat all religions and religious people equally and with equal respect without, in any manner, interfering with their right to freedom of religion, faith and worship.

So when good things happen people thank God. For all the predators feasting upon the dying body of Hindu society, there is nothing valuable in trying to revive it. A Lasting Solution for Kabul and Srinagar. It is, therefore, felt that the scope of article 30 of the Constitution should be widened to include all communities and sections of citizens who form a distinct religious or linguistic group.

Greek philosophy, divided in different mutually antagonistic schools yet understood as a single project when looked at from the outside, Hinduism was heavily conscious of its divisions in Shaivas vs.

So if at all they are ready to enrich their festival cycle with the custom of setting up a tree, let it emphatically not be a symbol associated with Christianity, but a natural universal symbol. For article 30 of the Constitution, the following article shall be substituted, namely: Inone could still, narrowly, plead ignorance about the revived OIT.


We should help Muslims in freeing themselves from Islam …. Indian Politics and Proto Indo-European. History of Religion and Islamic Studies. De verkiezingen in India. The Basil herbal tree may be used too which is from the same family of Bay Tree. Original Brahminism was austere, and very different from common Hinduism with its sentimental moralism and its idol-worship in temples, as autobiographically testified by RSS Sarma in the Telugu novel The Last Brahmin.

Welcome to Koenraad Elst’s Indology site

Indology and Indian Philosophy and Religion. If the media pick it up, the government will not be able to ignore and stonewall it which it otherwise probably would do. As evident from the sub-text of the debates of koenfaad Constituent Assembly, the rights assumed for the majority were only made explicit to the minorities as an assurance to the latter in the backdrop of the peculiar circumstances then prevailing in the aftermath of partition.

In Hinduism you get assertive and combative goddesses, like tiger goddess Durga killing the demon, or Kali chopping off heads. Kkenraad regarded it as “absolutely the last word”.

The Hindu Rashtra demand can only make you enemies, or strengthen their enmity and confirm their anti-Hindu prejudices “Hindu Taliban”. On the other hand, the anthropologist Thomas Blom Hansen described Elst as a “Belgian Catholic of a radical anti-Muslim persuasion who tries to make himself useful as a ‘fellow traveller’ of the Hindu nationalist movement”, [35] while the historian Sarvepalli Gopal called Elst “a Catholic practitioner of polemics” who “fights the Crusades all over again on Indian soil”.