Title in English: Termodynamika a statistická fyzika II. Guaranteed by: Institute of J. Kvasnica: Statistická fyzika: Academia, Praha, L. E. Reichl: A Modern. Title in English: Termodynamika a statistická fyzika. Guaranteed by: Institute of J. Kvasnica: Statistická fyzika (Academia, Praha, ). M. Noga, F. Čulík: Úvod. Kvasnica Statistická Fyzika Ed1 – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online.

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The partition function, partition sum integral.

Law of mass action. The transition to quantum statistics. For the 3rd year of the Kvawnica study. First law of thermodynamics. Reversible and irreversible processes, the criterion of reversibility of the process.

Statistická fyzika – Jozef Kvasnica – Google Books

Basic theory of phase transitions Singularity in the statistical sum, Lee-Young’s theorems, phase transitions, order parameter, correlation functions, critical exponents, Landau mean field theory, the scaling hypothesis, universality and renormalization group.

Descriptions of systems of many particles. Time evolution of probability density. Meeting with international participation. Implications of third law of thermodynamics.


Annotation – Czech English. First-order phase transitions, phase diagram. Dependence of thermodynamic potentials of the number of particles in the system. Quantisation of velocity and energy, velocity distribution, equation of state, heat capacities cV and cP, isothermal, adiabatic and Joule expansions, real gas.

Fluctuation theory, equivalence of statistical ensembles. Identical particles, quantum statistical ensembles, the classical limit. Force, work, and heat. The lecture aims to give an overview on basic concepts, methods and results of classical thermodynamics and statistical physics.

The first law of thermodynamics, heat capacity. Third law of thermodynamics. Statistical calculation of thermodynamic quantities. Fundamentals of statistical mechanics Classical statistical mechanics Macroscopic and microscopic states, ergodic systems and thermodynamic limit.

PřF:F Therm. and stat. phys. – Course Information

Izdatel’stvo Statkstick universiteta, Syllabus – Czech English. Statistical Mechanics, 2nd edition, J. Annotation – Czech English. Entropy and thermodynamic statiwtick. Classical statistical mechanics Macroscopic and microscopic states, ergodic systems and thermodynamic limit.

Collect the basic principles of thermodynamics and statistical physics Define the physical quantities for describing statistical ensembles with great numer of particles Apply the simple mathematical methods for describing of the thermodynamic phenomene Interpret the knowlidges from the mathematical statistics for solving of statistical physical problems.


Fermiho–Diracovo rozdělení

Fundamentals of statistical and thermal physics. Statistische Physik, Zimmermann-Neufang, Ulmen Syllabus – Czech English. Some features may not be available. Correlation functions and response functions, fluctuation-dissipation theorem.

Measurement of macroscopic parameters temperature, heat capacity, compressibility and relations between it. Systems with variable contents, Grand canonical Gibbs distribution, chemical potential, grand partition function sumFermi-Dirac distribution, Bose-Einstein distribution, electron gas, Planck distribution, Debye theory of heat capacity. Asymmetric diatomic gas, vacancies in solid, Gibbs paradox.