Read a free sample or buy Jony Ive by Leander Kahney. You can read this book with Apple Books on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac. Jony Ive is more important to Apple than Steve Jobs was and the company Leander Kahney, author of Jony Ive – The Genius Behind Apple’s. Jony Ive: The Genius Behind Apple’s Greatest Products, by Leander Kahney, Portfolio, RRP£/$, pages. It isn’t hard to argue the.

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Opinion Show more Opinion links. Mar 19, Ethan Ross rated it it was amazing Shelves: There seems to be a gross assumption that the audience knows exactly jonyy Kahney is talking about in multiple situations. What makes Apple unique and how did it come to place Industrial Design at the core of leanderr all? Book review A company with Apple’s current level of profitability seems more like the establishment than the counterculture, no matter how many “Think different” adverts praising “the crazy May 31, Alex Devero rated it really liked it Shelves: To view it, click here.

Quotes from Jony Ive: On the whole anyone who like apple will enjoy this book as much as the apple they have! This is supposed to lender the book that flips that formula and focuses on Ive, with Apple as an interesting part of the larger picture.

This book lewnder an kahneg job highlighting the ways that Jony thinks and the connection to Steve and Apple, and answers the questions you may have. This left the feeling like there were lots of different voices of Ive throughout the book – the direct quotes were not for the book but for other publications, like magazine articles.

And while Kahney certainly acknowledges the benefit provided by others who have written about Apple, it still feels like he should minimally cite this recycled content, particularly given that an audience interested in Apple may likely have already read some of those works such as the Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson. Jan 02, Mike Ball rated it it was amazing.


Love what it says about education. Ive remains, at the end of this book, as unknown a quantity as he is at the beginning: It lacks attention to the right kinds of detail – and in a biography about a detail-oriented person like Jony Ive, I would expect a much sharper and well-designed reading experience.

To be fair, there is a photography appendix, but flipping to and from the text to the appendix significantly disrupts the narrative flow. But it read almost like a commercial for Apple. To be sure, you learn some interesting details about what makes a great designer.

I think it’s a little bit harsh to criticise the author for not managing to line up any fascinating new interviews from someone who is extremely publicity-shy. Ive is far from unique as a designer who is synonymous with his company. This question contains spoilers… view spoiler [Os tus blogs boom!??

Jul 04, Azamat rated it it was amazing.

In the early stuff, I got a sense that care was taken even on details, hard and soft, that people may never discover. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. lfander

It had its inspiring and interesting bits. Since childhood his passion and curiosity about tinkering already proven.

Jony Ive, book review: Some genesis, but few revelations

Leander Kahney is managing editor, formerly a senior reporter at Wired Newsthe online sister publication of Wired. Ive, in spite of his shaven head and fierce non-disclosure, mony not quite the charismatic high priest that Jobs once was. I have to declare my hand here as I have had a long association with Apple, from commercially programming the Apple IIe through leandre years working for the company, to the many friends I still have there.

Well they would be wrong, since Steve did control most parts of the company, theres a reason Apple is still putting out great designed products with Steve long departed from the world.

Jony Ive, book review: Some genesis, but few revelations | ZDNet

All Jobs had to do was spot this gem who was already sparkling in the Design Team. Mar 18, VijayaRaghavan S N rated it really liked it. The spacing between the words and lines were perfect. The remainder of the book is concerned with the achievements of the Industrial Design Group in Apple.


Dec 17, David Schwan rated it it was amazing. And in the telling, Ive never seems to experience setback. Dlaczego nie mamy w Polsce swojego Ive’a? Kahney himself has written two previous books about Apple and Steve Jobs; there’s also Walter Isaacson’s compendious biography of Steve Jobs which Kahney quotestwo books by Steven Levy Insanely Greatthe biography of the Mac, and ‘s The Perfect Thingwhich studied the birth and development of the iPodand dozens more covering various aspects of Apple’s business and culture.

Jony Ive, turned out to be the favourite of Steve.

As a company, Apple concentrated only on the design, the finish of their pr Jony Ive, a British designer and a great man behind the design of most of the Apple products. This biography, based on multiple interviews over a year period, paints a well-rounded picture of Apple’s kahmey leader’. The book recommendations alone are a gold jnoy. Backstage at a three-act play. Meeting the IoT security challenge. On top of that, the author frequently bounces back and forth between future and past events; this is kahjey grating in the first half of the book, where it feels like Kahney wants to quickly express what happens in Ive’s early life so that he can finally talk all about Apple.

In other cases, it’s just an editing choice that I felt wasted the reader’s time.

How big is the hard drive? Interesting read, reveals some alternate views on the apple history not from Steve Jobs perspective.

I enjoyed it but it is a long read and not only about Apple – so you may want to pick it only if you want to read a whole biography – which in many cases is dry and over-detailed. All of which makes them difficult to write about.