Avaliação da depressão em pacientes com lesão medular. Evaluation of depression in patients with spinal cord injury. Maria Inês Gandolfo Conceição; Juliana. ARTIGO DE REVISÃO. A repercussão da lesão medular na identidade do sujeito . The repercussions of a spinal cord injury over the individual’s identity. aprimoramento das unidades de tratamento da lesão medular, o enfrentamento da pessoa. à lesão medular traumática e as variáveis preditoras do enfrenta-.

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Cardiovascular disease in spinal cord injury: Healthy body mass index values often underestimate body fat in men with spinal cord injury. This study aims to investigate the level of depression in patients with SCI using the Beck Inventory of Depression with the aim of assessing the scale of the problem and providing clinical intervention in the context of rehabilitation. High-sensitivity c-reactive protein and cardiovascular disease: Relationship of impairment and functional ability to habitual activity and fitness following spinal cord injury.

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The psychological effects of spinal cord injury: Lesaoo after spinal cord injury: The relationship between neurological level of injury and symptomatic cardiovascular disease risk in the aging spinal injured. Journal of Nervous Mental Disorder5J Am Coll Cardiol. C-reactive protein, metabolic syndrome, and insulin resistance in individuals with spinal cord injury.


Anxiety and depression over the first year of spinal cord injury: This context takes family to organize itself and to reconfigure its shapes, in search for understanding the individual and learning how to live with the injury implications. The validity of predicting peak oxygen uptake from a perceptually guided graded exercise test during arm exercise in paraplegic individuals. Paraplegia31 6Na Figura 3apresentamse os dados encontrados na amostra estudada. Psychometric properties of the Beck Depression Inventory: The inventory was applied to SCI inpatients, between 17 and 63 yearsold, being treated in a rehabilitation hospital.

Islene Victor Barbosa Published: Cardiometabolic risk factors in experimental medualr cord Injury. Journal of Neuropsychiatry Clinical Neuroscience6 3Clinical Outcomes from the Model Systems.

Enfrentamento à lesão medular traumática

Serum hsCRP and visfatin are elevated and correlate to carotid arterial stiffness in spinal cord-injured subjects. Traumatismos da Medula Espinal.

In addition to depression, a variety of emotional reactions were observed in different patients with similar sequelae. Effect of arm ergometry training on wheelchair propulsion endurance of individuals with quadriplegia.


Long-term survival and causes of death.

Síndrome medular central

Perceived exertion and rehabilitation with wheelchair ergometer: Prevalence of obesity and high blood pressure in veterans with spinal cord injuries and disorders: Med Sci Sports Exerc. Effects of a wheelchair ergometer training programme on spinal cord-injured persons.

Thus, we realized that it is also necessary to focus Nursing care on the family of those people affected by spinal cord injury. This context takes family to organize itself and to reconfigure Prospective longitudinal study of depression following spinal cord injury. British Journal of Clinical Psychology33 2As attitudes patterns face to caring process, we pointed the aspects linked to responsibility, resignation, non-acceptance and attitudes ambivalence.

Revista Brasileira de Psiquiatria25 1Como citar este artigo. CarvalhoZuila Maria de Figueiredo Format: