Arthroscopy. Nov;24(11) doi: / Epub Feb The spiral glenohumeral ligament: an open and arthroscopic. Emerg Radiol. Feb;24(1) doi: /s Epub Aug Inferior glenohumeral ligament (IGHL) complex: anatomy, injuries, . Runs laterally from the coracoid process to the humerus, covering the superior Glenohumeral Ligament and blending with the Superior Joint Capusle and.

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Wikimedia Commons has media related to Shoulder joint. Anular Liganentos cord Quadrate. Radial collateral Ulnar collateral. With degrees of unassisted flexion, the shoulder joint is the most mobile joint in the body. The primary stabilizers of the shoulder include the biceps brachii on the anterior side of the arm, and tendons of the rotator cuff ; which are fused to all sides of the capsule except the inferior margin.

Such an imbalance could cause a forward head carriage which in turn can affect the range of movements of the shoulder. In addition, a detached labrum can lead to recurrent anterior instability and a compromised inferior glenohumeral ligament complex.

Reference scapular plane is 30 degrees anterior to coronal plane. During rotation of the arm lateral rotation stretches all ligamentis ligaments while medial rotation relaxes them. However, the point of maximal capsular laxity has been found to be 39 degrees of Ligamento in the Scapular Plane, which suggests that the open packed position may be close to neutral position of the shoulder.

The MGHL was absent in 3 shoulder specimens However, additional capsular injury usually is necessary to allow anterior dislocation. The shoulder joint is a ball and socket joint between the scapula and the humerus. During abduction of the arm the middle and inferior ligaments become taut while the superior ligament relaxes. Anterior shoulder dislocation often is a result of a blow to the shoulder while the arm is in an abducted position. The left shoulder and acromioclavicular jointsand the proper ligaments of the scapula.


It consists of an anterior band, a posterior band, and an interposed axillary pouch. The tendon of the long head of the biceps brachii passes through the bicipital groove on the humerus and inserts on the superior margin of the glenoid cavity to press the head of the humerus against the glenoid cavity. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. In older people, recurrent instability is rare but people often suffer rotator cuff tears.

The long head of the biceps brachii muscle travels inside the capsule from its attachment to the supraglenoid tubercle of glenohimerales scapula. Anteriorly translated with the arm in 90 degrees of abduction and internally rotated. This bursa serves to allow the rotator cuff to slide easily beneath the deltoid muscle. Thank you for rating!

Glenohumeral ligaments

Coracoacromial Superior transverse scapular Inferior transverse of scapula Synovial: Views Read Edit Llgamentos history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Movement of the humerus on the glenoid in a medial direction, usually accompanied with some degree of shoulder flexion. Static restraints glenohumeral ligaments below glenoid labrum below articular congruity and version negative intraarticular pressure if release head will sublux inferiorly Dynamic restraints rotator cuff muscles the primary biomechanical role of the rotator cuff is stabilizing the glenohumeral joint by compressing the humeral head against the glenoid rotator interval biceps long glennohumerales periscapular muscles.

Abduction abduction requires external rotation to clear the greater tuberosity from impinging on the acromion. Adduction is carried out by the pectoralis major, lattisimus dorsi, teres major and the subscapularis.

Shoulder joint

The glenoid cavity is shallow and contains the glenoid labrum which deepens it and aids in stability. L6 – years in practice. The superior glenohumeral ligament with the coracohumeral ligament was shown to be an important stabilizer in the inferior direction, even though the coracohumeral ligament is much more robust than the superior glenohumeral ligament.


The glenohumeral GH joint is a true synovial ball-and-socket style diarthroidal joint that is responsible for connecting the upper extremity to the trunk.

Joints glenohumerles ligaments of the arm. This joint is formed from the combination of the humeral head and oigamentos glenoid fossa of the scapula.

Because the tendon of the long head of the biceps brachii is inside the capsule, it requires a tendon sheath to minimize friction. Contents Editors Categories Share Cite. Subacromial bursitis is a painful condition caused by inflammation which often presents a set of symptoms known as subacromial impingement.

Volume One Upper Limb 5th ed. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The movement of the scapula across the rib cage in relation to the humerus is known as the scapulohumeral rhythmglenohumeralss this helps to achieve a further range of movement.

Radial collateral Ulnar collateral. Inferiorly translated with the arm in 45 degrees of abduction and internal rotation. Anterior sternoclavicular Posterior sternoclavicular Interclavicular Costoclavicular. Toggle navigation p Physiopedia.

Anatomy and function of the glenohumeral ligaments in anterior shoulder instability.

This page was last edited on 3 Decemberat L8 – 10 years in practice. The capsule can become inflamed and stiff, with abnormal bands of tissue adhesions growing between the joint surfaces, causing pain and restricting movement of the shoulder, a condition known as glenohumeralws shoulder or adhesive capsulitis. Therefore, this component of the capsule is the most frequently injured structure.

An appropriate surgical procedure to repair the inferior glenohumeral ligament complex after shoulder dislocation must be considered. The ligaments may be best seen by opening the capsule at the back of the joint and removing the head of the humerus: Significant joint spaces are:.