The new Cringle App is out!

The new Cringle app is here with a completely new design! Sending money is now even easier and faster!

Completely free of charge! Sign up now.
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The new Cringle App is out!

Completely free of charge! Sign up now.
Img testimonial1
Bernard N.
More practical than PayPal since the money lands directly in the current account and doesn’t have to be instructed manually.
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Pauline K.
Nice design. Nice handling. Will be used more often than expected. The sender receives instant confirmation
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Max M.
Transferring money directly from the sender’s account and the recipient doesn’t have to be a Cringle user
Faq b
Easier than PayPal! I thinks its awesome that money is transferred directly to your bank account.
Andreas S.
Easy. Straightforward. A great app for sending small amounts to friends, collegues and family.
Pit S.
It's great to be able to transfer money to any bank account, not just people using the app.

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