procedures for installing and wiring the SYSDRIVE 3G3FV-j-CUE/EF3HV-j-CUE Please read this manual thoroughly and handle and operate the product with. The SYSDRIVE 3G3FV is OMRON’s new special-purpose inverter. It provides the harmony between performance, versatility, and simplicity. Using a unique. Manuals and User Guides for Omron SYSDRIVE 3G3FV. We have 1 Omron SYSDRIVE 3G3FV manual available for free PDF download: User Manual.

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Omron SYSDRIVE 3G3FV Manuals

Should you find any problems with the product, immediately contact your nearest manuaal sales representative. Applies initial excitation when flux vector control is being used. The 3G3FV has a stall prevention function and an automatic torque boost function, but the motor responsiveness limit may be exceeded if acceleration is too rapid or if the load is too big. The setting range for all of the values is 0 to the max. Installation Conditions Chapter 2 Installation Two, 4 dia. Chapter 6 Advanced Operation Increase the setting in C if vibration 33gfv when operating with a light load.

It is not serviceable at V-class, 5 kW, or V-class, 15 kW, or less. L L or Overtorque Detection 2 N. Ensure that the instal- lation conditions are met. Refer to page Page Chapter 6 Advanced Operation Settings The following table shows only those settings related to the torque limit function.

Chapter 6 Advanced Operation Motor core-saturation coefficient 1: H Frequency References The following five types of frequency references can be used to control the output frequency of the Inverter. Summary Of Flux Vector Control Functions, Flux Vector Control Chapter 6 Advanced Operation Flux Vector Control This mmanual summarizes the functions that can be used with flux vector control vector control with PG feedback and then provides detailed explanations of the functions that are specific to flux vector control.


Omron SYSDRIVE 3G3FV User Manual

Common Functions, Summary Of Common Control Functions Chapter 6 Advanced Operation Common Functions This section summarizes the functions that can be used in common among the various modes, and provides detailed explanations of their operations.

The Digital Operator connection was broken during After disconnecting the connectors and then Inverter operation. Any one of the four values monitored at startup frequency reference, output frequency, output current, or the value set in parameter o can be selected to appear when the power is turned on.

Modified Constants Mode Chapter 3 Preparing for Operation Modified Constants Mode The modified constants mode is used to display or change parameters that have been changed from their factory-preset values. Wiring and Connection Connect to the power supply and peripheral devices. Caution The Inverter might be damaged when using the fault restart function. Set this parameter when a high-speed motor is being used in the high-speed range the high frequen- cy range above the base frequency.

External Fault Input level Detection method Option Error Turn off the power and insert the Card again.

Press the Stop Key. Motor acceleration fault The torque limit function is operating.

Remove the Digital Operator from the front cover before removing the front cover. Manua one wiring circuit breaker per Inverter. Be sure to follow the instructions given there. The motor will rotate in the reverse direction. Page Chapter 9 Specifications Dimensions mm The setting units for parameters E, E, and E can be changed. Chapter 4 Trial Operation The following is a setting example for a V class Inverter with an input voltage of Janual.


The voltage balance between phases is bad.

Valid access levels Parameter Display name Setting The motor will not rotate even if there is an offset in the analog reference input. The DC reactor is built in. This does not normally need to be set.

Chapter 6 Advanced Operation Note 1.


Motor Parameters e Refer to the table of status monitor items in page for details. The installation location of each is determined by the type of Card.

Chapter 6 Advanced Operation H Torque Reference Settings Set multi-function analog input terminal 16 or frequency reference current input terminal 14 to torque reference. Chapter 3 Preparing for Operation The following diagram shows this procedure in flowchart format.

Chapter 6 Advanced Operation Open-loop Vector Control This section summarizes the functions that can be used with open-loop vector control vector control without PG feedback and then provides detailed explanations of the functions that are specific to open-loop vector control.

Page Chapter 5 Basic Operation The timing of the initial excitation function depends on the zero-speed operation method selected with b, as shown in the following diagrams. About this Manual This manual is divided into the chapters described in the following table.