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PROFIBUS dp/v1 fieldbus coupler 12 mbaud digital and analog signals. Part #, Manufacturer, WAGO. GTIN, Condition, New. Quantity . Accessory Type: Fieldbus Coupler. Current Rating: mA. Current Rating: mA. External Depth: mm. External Depth: mm. External Width: 51mm. Hi everyonei’m a beginer and i’m trying to connect wago I/O system with CPU CDP But I Don’t know where i did the mistake i.

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The coupler responds by returning a maximum of bytes input data to the master. All about Decentral Peripherie. Analog outputs have 4 byte parameterisation data. Site Explorer Site Explorer. The PE contact is a preceding ground earth contact corresponding to the standards which can wafo used as a protective earth.

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Sub-network Sub-division of a network into logical sub-networks. The fieldbus line is specified in EN 50 as a line type A and must provide certain line parameters. Select the configuration that is closest to the range of FW in th configuration settings. Analog inputs are followed by 2 bytes reserved for future options. Only disconnect the equipment when the power supply has been switched off or the area is known to be a non-explosive area.

To pull out the fieldbus coupler, release the locking disc by pressing on the bottom groove with a screwdriver and then pulling the orange colored unlocking lug. Best regards Blue Moderator. Its value can either be 1 or 0.


Bus connection gd Note When connecting the subscriber ensure that the data lines are not mixed up. The slave generates a detailed fault message. There are digital and analog inputs and outputs and modules for special functions Counter modules, Terminal blocks for encoder and resolvers and communication modules.

In the initialisation phase the bus coupler determines the physical structure of the node and creates a process image from this with all inputs and outputs.

Self-cleaning power jumper contacts P. See the attached picture, and the original text for more explanations.

Attachment Wago Firmware version. In this manner sensors and actuators can be supplied and fused by a separate wsgo source. A structure is added to the device status for each faulty slot. Analog outputs contain 4 byte parameterisation data. Following this, enter the conductor in the corresponding opening. A maximum of byte of data is wagl from the master to the controller, or node to the output data. Byte Information 15 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 Header byte 7 Byte status information incl.

Hello Karim; The manufactiuring number inscribed on the side of the module contains the FW L number of the module. Any use of this manual which infringes the copyright provisions stipulated herein, is not permitted. In the reply telegram of the diagnosis selection the identification based diagnosis and the device status are transmitted together with the standard diagnosis. In line with the maximum surface temperature for all ignition protection types, the electrical components are subdivided into temperature classes, as far as electrical components of explosion protection group II are concerned.


A fault is cyclically displayed with up to 3 blink sequences. A bus for the bit parallel data transmission comprises of address, data, control and supply bus. The device supply is intended both for the system and the field units.

probleme with wago and S CPU CDP – Entries – Forum – Industry Support – Siemens

For this insert a srew driver into one of the slits available on each side and lift the holder Fig. For modules capable of diagnosis the diagnosis message can be suppressed or released channel for channel or module for module.

Always plug a bus end module onto the end of the fieldbus node! S Segment A network is generally structured waog Router or Repeater in various physical network segments.

Have a look at the Diagnostics section of the manual, the first part shows how to evaluate an error based on the diagnostic LED status:. Follow us on Twitter Youtube. Male contacts are located on the left-hand side of the bus modules.