Compact and high-speed hardware architectures and logic optimization methods for the AES algorithm Rijndael are described. Encryption and decryption data. look-up table logic or ROMs in the previous approaches, which requires a lot of hardware support. Reference [16] proposed the use of. Efficient Hardware Architecture of SEED S-box for . In order to optimize the inverse calculation, we . “A Compact Rijndael Hardware Architecture with. S- Box.

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Each legend cites the functions in the same top—down order as they are contained in the respective Fig. A comparison of the proposed designs compxct the state of the art substitution box implementations have been shown graphically.

Published online Oct The proposed design have less iteration or indexing as it has been broken down small tables. Here the S-box operation is divided into the Galios Field multiplication and its inverse operation and later illustrated in a step-by-step manner. Aproximacion metodologica para la implementacion asincrona del algoritmo de Rijndael. Conceived and designed the experiments: Therefore, the delay is normalized by a factor of twenty.

Topics Discussed in This Paper. Oltimization [ 27 ].

A Compact Rijndael Hardware Architecture with S-Box Optimization – Semantic Scholar

This proposed architecture selects a group without checking any flag bit, thus reducing the delay. Besides, minimizing the supply voltage apparently reduces the power dissipation in designs. In this table we compare our work with other recent related works in terms optimizayion power, area, area-power product and area-delay squared product with respect to target critical path delay.

Our proposed design will explain how the hardware look-up table works efficiently in the next couple of sections. The S-box is optimized by breaking down the large matrix into groups to eliminate the delay producing algebraic and matrix operation.


With a byte state, the architecture flexibility allows varying the bytes processed from a single byte at a time to 16 bytes in parallel with power of twos increments, i. The work of Bertoni [ 23 ], Tillich [ 24 ] and Li [ 33 ] presents the hardware LUT implementations and hardwars a significant improvement in critical path delay along with low power at the expense of silicon area.

The optimized implementation on composite field arithmetic has introduced to reduce both static and dynamic power consumption of S-box along with pipelining and dynamic voltage scaling [ 19 ]. However, the critical path delay is more than twice that obtained in the proposed design. Open in a separate window. In the process of proving the claim, a fair comparison among area, delay and power estimation is presented based on target delay.

This contribution is acknowledged. Therefore, a change of a few input bits affects the evaluation of all output bits separately. The architecture is discussed for both CMOS and FPGA platforms, and the pipelined architecture of the proposed S-box is presented for further time savings and higher throughput along with higher hardware resources utilization.

Citation Statistics Citations 0 50 s ’04 ’08 ’12 ‘ Introduction Encryption algorithms are broadly classified as symmetric and asymmetric algorithms based on the type of keys used.

As he decomposes the S-box with 32 small tables, his design requires a flag bit in each table. Composite field based design is a good example of calculating S-box. Journal Sign Process System doi: Furthermore, the pipelined structure Fig 6 that has been described by the Eqs 12and 3 is iterated in Table 3.

Advanced encryption standard AES. The S-box has been designed and synthesis using the 0. Received Sep 16; Accepted Mar hhardware Thus it limits the overall power consumption of the S-box.

However, it may be necessary to add a large number of additional flip-flops when the pipeline stage is placed between the decoder and encoder. Furthermore, Section 5 presents the results and performance opimization of proposed S-box architecture followed by comparison to other recent related works in the Section 6.


The S-box computation involves basically two steps, the multiplicative inverse and the affine transformation. To illustrate the look-up process, consider a state of 16 bytes Fig 1.

S-Box – What does S-Box stand for? The Free Dictionary

Kamel D, Standaert F. VLSI journalElsevier, pp— Elazm [ 28 ] shows a composite Galois Field design of S-box to reduce the size and the delay of the circuit.

The algorithm steps shown in Fig 2 can be optimized through pipelining. Now-a-days there are a lot of applications coming in the market where an increasing number of battery-powered embedded systems like PDAs, cell phones, networked sensors, smart cards, RFID etc. State of the Art in Hardware Architectures K. Table 4 Delay, Power and Area Comparisons. DubeyCharanjit S. Compach, we consider the CMOS design.

A Compact Rijndael Hardware Architecture with S-Box Optimization

Eventually, this makes security a very important concern. This paper has highly influenced 71 other papers. Another technique is to use low data path width for AES design in order to reduce the power consumption [ 21 ].

Therefore, our proposed algorithm has low power, higher throughput and higher efficiency compare to Bertoni [ 23 ] as he used additional one-hot encoder to substitute bytes. Similarly, 4-to—1 multiplexers are constructed out of 2-to—1 ones. The steps required in the proposed substitution method are summarized in the algorithm Fig vompact.

The time periods of