A Grain of Wheat has ratings and reviews. Khashayar said: Great introduction to African literature. I can’t believe this is the first book I’m. : A Grain of Wheat (Penguin African Writers Series) ( ): Ngugi wa Thiong’o, Chinua Achebe, Abdulrazak Gurnah: Books. Set in the wake of the Mau Mau rebellion and on the cusp of Kenya’s independence from Britain, A Grain of Wheat follows a group of villagers.

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A war of independence against a colonial power is I suppose a peculiar kind of civil war, and it tears apart the fabric of the country in a similar way. A theme of the book is the ‘need’ for heroes of the struggle to epitomise the new nation. Stupid white colonials and black freedom-fighters alike take pause to sit back and wonder, what the hell did we just do?

And it is not only a bright past treachery was already present, with suffering, prison, detention camps, violence. As events unfold, compromises are forced, friendships are betrayed and loves are tested.

For me, the book is mostly about the horrific effects of colonialism on the people, not just the Africans, but mostly the Africans, but also the effects, in glimpses, of the African culture on the African people. And, with betrayal, existential solitude, involving everyone even whites: Lo tengo que dejar reposar.

Thiong’o dashes this picture Uhuru is a Swahili word that means freedom. The characters are sharply drawn and the plot is indisputably powerful. Turns out this is a complex story with a lot of names many of them similara lot of jumping back and forth between past and present A story of Kenyan independence and the toll the preceding struggle took on people. With that the novel portrays the different effects that the State of Emergency in Kenya fromhad on different people in the area most affected by fighting, Central Kenya using one small village as the window to the narrative.


A Grain of Wheat

Actually, the present is not the time when things happen. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. This makes for a deep and psychological book, as we bring our own judgements and pre-conceptions to the story and examine those as well. Gikonyo and Mumbi have a pure and true love, which whea not survive Gikonyo being detained.

You don’t know if Mumbi is a woman or a man, or if Karanja is a she or a he. Is it necessary to reject everything from the colonial past, or can some of it be useful?

Still hard to rate. No one is left untouched. Quotes from A Grain of Wheat. Then a martyr and a hero.

The Best Books of Despite whsat grim premise, I really enjoyed reading this and got a insight into the life of people in a very different world. He holds a terrible secret. Written in only three years after independence, t An impressive novel that takes a bit of concentration to figure out the various characters and changes in the time of the event. In other words, a story that requires more attention than I gave it.

Two hints that do not bear directly on the work itself: This is just a joke, but it hides a truth: Or, rather, was that the traditional African culture, or how it became under the brutalization that was normalized under wheag This is not an easy book.

I struggled Lot with names of peopleand places. May 03, Bilal Y. Particularly emerges the importance of Mumbi, who carries the name of the first woman according to the myths of gikuyu origins; so she represents the woman par excellence, tied to the protagonists of the liberation movement and disputed by several men.

But there you go. I however have so much for Kenya and their struggle for independence and the trials and tribulations they went through, whether it be betrayal by their own people or by the British.


A Grain of Wheat – Wikipedia

Languages Kiswahili Svenska Edit links. Many of the minor characters mentioned early on assume some unanticipated significance later. There are costs to the peace as well.

In the beginning, the unfamiliar terms and names created some difficulty, and the novel’s non-linear timeline made it hard to keep the characters train. Thiong’o constructs his story slowly, weaving back and forth through different storylines, visiting different time periods and peopling different huts. Truth is one of them. Articles needing additional references from October All articles needing additional references Pages to import images to Wikidata All stub articles.

S colonialism was, was not pretty. The book shifts its tone from the magnified detail of the psychological novel to the broader framing of folk-anecdote and the rhythmic transmission of oral tradition, addressing the reader as an unidentified ‘I’, encompassing the village and sinking, a polymorphous identity, into the crowd. I want to understand morel lesson for the novel Agrain of wheat. Concentration camps my late great uncle had an experience of thishangings, traitors, whext in houses, independence.

Should this need be more important than an individual or than the truth? Wa thiong’o is such a great writerand I loved his philosophyI loved how he made me as an Algerian readerbelieve in the black power over the Whitman.

I am so over books that among several main characters have only one female, and she there because she’s related to or a love interest of the guys, none of whom are related to each other. There is no precise information. There are plenty of different opinions within nationalism as well.

Indeed, the dominant theme is betrayal, ubiquitous in all its meanings and ramifications.