Documents Similar To Aagaard Grandmaster Preparation Positional Play. Uploaded by. The second book of Danish Grandmaster Jacob Aagaard’s 4 volume Grandmaster Preparation series, Positional Play, aims to improve positional understanding. My review of Jacob Aagaard’s Grandmaster Preparation: Positional Play has been printed in the December issue of Chess Life.

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No trivia or quizzes yet. Positional Decision Making in Chess. Have there been times during a game when you have tried to calculate like mad, but can find no rhyme or reason to your lines?

Open Preview See a Aagaad Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here To further the irony, the video lecture he gave, was about a position where you couldnt possibly just start making moves and arrive at the plan.

Grandmaster Preparation – Positional Play by Jacob Aagaard, Improvement chess book by Quality Chess

Where are the weaknesses? Its so easy looking at it now! Aagaard highlights White’s d-pawn as a weakness and c5 and b2 as potential weaknesses question 1 ; considers the white knight on b1 and the black psitional on c8 as the worst-placed pieces for each side question 2and highlights Nb1-c3-e4-d6 as White’s plan question 3. Castled long — attacking the king The best target for an attack is undoubtedly the enemy king — especially if its position is weakened or still in the centre.


Chess Endgames 3 – major piece endgames Over 7 hours video training.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Write a customer review. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Black cannot easily get his bits out, and White is attacking on both flanks with a fully mobilized army.

Positional Play, like all of the books in the Grandmaster Preparation series, is not a book for the faint of heart. Scott rated it really liked it Jul 14, It can be warmly recommended to players over and those slightly lower if plucky and willing to work.

A penultimate version of the review is reproduced, with footnotes! His examples clearly illustrate the themes he is trying to describe, and the solutions to the exercises are clear and comprehensive. Take the asymptotic case of having a trivial mate in one. All of the books in the GM Preparation series are workbooks. It isn’t his writing style, which is a bit too sarcastic for my taste, but because of his professionalism.

It is difficult, it takes time – a lot of time – and I think it is a very good book. A closing comment, which may or may not turn into a promissory note.

Grandmaster Preparation: Positional Play

CalculationEndgame Playand Attack and Defence are progressively more complex, and Strategic Play is rightfully said to be fiendishly difficult. Aagaard’s goal is “not [primarily] to make you understand chess better,” but rather “to teach positional judgment and decision-making. I haven’t read “My System” for quite a while now. Remember that this is the “Grandmaster Preparation” series, and his target audience will already play at a pretty high level and possess a good deal of acumen when it comes to positional understanding.


This seems like the sort of posktional post facto justification criticized by authors like Willy Hendriks in Move First, Think Later. Bd2 Qa3 White decided to repeat the position with Fast and easy check out; Easy access to your order history and a backup service for your download products: What is the worst placed piece?

The Chess Mind – The Chess Mind Blog – A Quick Reflection on Aagaard’s _Positional Play_

This book paly be on your winter reading list, and it will take a good part of the winter to complete it. The Book of the Year?

Aagaard presents in this book a simple and instructive method in order to find positional move. Comment Moderation Enabled Your comment will not appear until it has been cleared by a website editor.

His book tries to show a player what to focus on, that’s all. The exercises and solutions make up the bulk of the book. What is your opponent’s idea? Where are the weaknesses? Chapter 1 – Weaknesses: Desmond Rawls marked it as to-read Mar 05,