Cringle is more than
just payments.
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Sicherheit als Differenzierungsmerkmal. Press mobilbranche bw
Microsoft ist einst in einem Internatszimmer entstanden, Cringle in einem grauen Büro der TU Berlin. Press sueddeutsche bw
Cringle is more than just payments. Press thehundert bw

Cringle is an innovative FinTech company that is revolutionizing the way people pay each other. Our vision is to enable every person to send money to their friends within seconds. We are the leading peer-to-peer payment solution in Germany and are planing on rapidly expanding our business all across Europe. We are located on the beautiful Friedrichstrasse in Berlin, Mitte. Our team consists of passionate and and highly motived entrepreneurs, software engineers and designers with only one goal in mind - making Cringle the European standard for mobile payments.

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