Abraham Cahan () was a Russian-American novelist and labor leader . His family, which was devoutly Orthodox, moved in to Wilna; there young. Introduction. Abraham Cahan’s English-language novella Yekl: A Tale of the New York Ghetto, published in , is a work of realistic fiction that draws attention. Yekl: A Tale of the New York Ghetto [Abraham Cahan] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The operatives of the cloak-shop in which Jake.

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Yekl and the Imported Bridegroom and Other Stories of the New York Ghetto Characters

Goldy loves Nathan and wants to marry him, but she insists upon a property wedding instead of a “slipshod wedding. Lists with This Book. Lipman treats her like a servant, Beile quits the Lipmans’ shop at David’s encouragement.

After leaving the synagogue, Asriel no longer sees Pravly as poetic; he sees only a medium to fill with the rays of his financial success, and he determines that he will show them all who Asriel Stroon is. Riis, How the Other Half Lives: Mamie loves Jake and dances with him at Joe’s dancing school, making Fanny jealous. When she is disappointed in yekp gift expectations, Goldy is ashamed for her desire to spend their money on the wedding instead of furniture.


An older rabbi admonishes Asriel who apologizes to the congregation.

American Jewish Immigrant Radicals, Jake is miserable after Mamie’s visit and falls asleep. She changes jobs when she learns that Jake is married and tells Gitl about Jake’s relationship with Mamie.

Yekl: A Tale Of The New York Ghetto

Before reading the review excerpt in this resource, have your students write their own review of Yekl. Shaya agrees to be Asriel’s Kaddish and observe the anniversary of Asriel’s death after he abrayam gone. Beile and David get engaged. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Yekl and the Imported Bridegroom and Other Stories of the New York Ghetto Characters

Might her husband be making related changes in his life without her consent? Shaya is becoming an atheist and leading others to sin. An auction is held with Shaya as the prize, and Asriel wins. University of Wisconsin Press, ; pg. Asriel proudly watches Shaya singing over a volume of the Talmud. When Shaya and the teacher enter a Christian restaurant, Asriel follows them and accuses them of eating pork before leaving angrily.

Lena rated it liked it Feb 14, How does Yekl help to illustrate this phenomenon? Asriel grows fearful of death after his retirement. Tatyanaappears in Circumstances Tatyana is Boris’ wife. How does it differ?


Also consider Cahan’s footnote. Asriel praises America and Flora to Shaya.

Shannon Couey rated it liked it Nov 04, When Asriel humbly begs Flora to join everyone downstairs, she agrees because of his uncharacteristic humility.

Are caha artistic criticisms, criticisms emanating from a concern about the image of Jews in the public sphere, or both? Diamond rated it it was ok Mar 07, His family, which was devoutly Orthodox, moved in to Wilna; there young Cahan received abranam usual Jewish preparatory education for the rabbinate. Mamie sends Jake to Philadelphia on a midnight train.

Yekl: A Tale of the New York Ghetto by Abraham Cahan – Free Ebook

Asriel and Tamara admire Shaya’s piety. She arranges Gitl’s hair in the American style and chides Jake for the way he treats his wife.

Asriel greets his daughter and tells her he has brought her a present: