AeroGarden Users Manual details for FCC ID 2AJNO made by AeroGrow International, Inc.. Document Includes User Manual Users Manual. PRO – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: 16 . *Seeds not included MASTER GARDENER English Plant & Grow Your Own Seeds* GUIDE Quick, Plug & Grow TM Planting with Your Own Seeds CONT.

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Hold tie in position with one hand. Quick Start Guides available at: Arrogarden, remember to remove stems that shade other plants in your garden. If a plant is curled inside Dome, it was left on too long. With this beautiful, brushed stainless-steel AeroGarden you get all the features.

Try to do this without ripping or removing Pod Label. CAUTION — You are cautioned that any changes or modifications not expressly approved in this manual could void your author- ity to operate this equipment. For larger seeds and fruiting plants, sow only a few extra seeds.

AeroGarden 100340 Quick Start Manual

P repare Pod Labels Here are a few preliminary steps that will help the Grow Pod building process go smoothly. Contact a garden center, hydroponic shop, or university for answers to more in-depth questions.

Using plants that grow at the same rate lets you adjust the Lamp Hood so plants all receive the optimal amount of light. Life Span Try to choose plants that have similar life spans for your Garden.

You may be able to prune some plants in your Garden to achieve this. Manjal under Lamp Hood to check that both bulbs are lit.


AeroGarden 7-Pod User’s Manual |

At a quick glance, flower buds can look a bit like dead blossoms see below. Press Bio-Dome down until its rim almost touches Grow Surface. If Grow Bulbs have been in use more than 6 months, they asrogarden be re- placed at this time see page Do not change the plug in any way.

A number of vegetables and shrubs root very easily, but stem cuttings from tree species can be difficult to root. This Guide will assist you in deciding what to plant, how to plant and how to care for your plants once they are growing.

Keep in mind that each AeroGarden model has different features. If notcheck to see if: The following steps describe how to start plants from both herbaceous non-woody plants such as tomatoes, peppers, chrysanthemum aerogardeen dahlias and softwood cuttings soft, new growth from plants such as lilacs, roses, and rhododendron.

If you find your Garden is producing many flowers but no fruit, chances are you need to pollinate or change your pollinating method. Page 5 Place Your Garden Under: If this occurs, support plants and bring them to the upright position by aerogarcen each plant to Lamp Arm with a tie.

AeroGarden 100710-BSS Quick Start Manual

See page 8 for more details on how many seeds to plant in each Grow Pod. Be sure to fill out and apply Pod Labels. Each kit includes the supplies needed to plant and grow one to three custom gardens. These stems are generally wider than aerogrden ones and leaves may have some yellow around the edges. Very hot or very cold water will hurt your plants. Can the Grow Sponges be re-used? This will give plants room to grow and assure they get the light they need.


Subterranean plants, such as carrots, beets, potatoes or peanuts should not aegogarden planted in an Aerogqrden. Photo shows a properly attached Trellis Coil. Undernourished Undernourished plants become yellow. Also check that Garden is plugged into a working electrical outlet and Lamp Cord is plugged into Lamp Hood.

AeroGarden PRO User Manual – Page 1 of 16 |

The best way to figure out where to place tie is to gently push on main stem with your fingers, testing for strength and ability to support the plant. There may be more than one stem in the Grow Pod that needs pruning. Burns can occur from touching hot metal parts, hot water or steam.

It is best to take your cuttings early in the morning when it is cool and damp. Installation instructions are included with Trellis System. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything.

Place Your Garden Under: If notcheck to see if: AerogardenSpace saver 6 blkSpace saver 6 slrSpace saver 6 whtSpace saver 6 bss.

Extreme caution should be used near children. What if one of the plants in my AeroGarden dies? Do not place beneath Away From Reach of children and pets