Akai SXL Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Akai SXL User Manual. could anyone hook me up with the original akai s (not xl) manual? i’ve already searched they only have sxls manual. Hi! Is there anybody who have the manuals for the AKAI S and S? I have searched all the net, but came up empty:(I have e-mailed.

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Byjellyjim Tue Jan 08, 7: U-hi This sets the high velocity range for the zones. By applying a tiny amount of the RANDOM waveform to pitch try a depth setting of 01each note s000xl have a very mankal pitch discrepancy.

If you delete a program from memory, make sure that you really do not need that program in the future or that you have saved it to disk first. Pay attention because you could seriously affect your program’s keyspan with one slip.

For playing single manaul. Alternatively, you may layer programs in this way and set different portamento rates for each one so that they all slide around at different speeds! Because it is felt tliat LF01 will mostly be used for vibrato effects, the default in the PTCH page see later is set so that simply setting a value in the dept h: The default here is slow as it is assumed you will want mnual use this LFO for such things as filter sweeps and slow panning effects, etc.

Setting Programs’ Midi Parameters You may decide that you want the strings to play the same part in unison with the piano. In this way, you get all the benefits of a sampler where you can record your own samples and make your own programs with the advantage that these s3000l are available without lengthy loading times much like a modern synthesiser.

Akai S3000XL User Manual

If you intend to use LF01 for something other than vibrato i. We are the first to admit that this kind of modulation is not that useful when trying to accurately recreate the sound of a Gamelan orchestra but, when the need arises to create that special sound or when your synthesiser just isn’t up to it, the XL will oblige you willingly – in fact, you may get so used to the XL’s versatility as a synthesiser that some of your current synth s may be in the classifieds sooner than you think!


At least you have the flexibility to use either. There are even more possibilities. Portamento This may be useful when you wish to play a sound normally but only apply portamento to a few notes. In the case where keygroups are layered or overlap, pressing and holding EDIT and repeatedly playing the note will select each keygroup in turn.

Akai SXL Manuals

This parameter selects the program’s MIDI channel! The parameters in this page are: Furthermore, the MULTI’s internal mixer allows you to mix the level and pan of each program as well as set its effects send level.

In this way, you may have sets of programs for each song recalled from a MIDI program change from your sequencer this is one advantage of using this method over MULTI – you may only have one multi file in memory at any one time. This allows you to set the send level of the take to the effects channel selected in the field.

Basically, there are pros and cons to both methods – it’s up to you to decide which you want to use depending on your application.

Layering two programs and setting the modulation amounts to opposite values can also yield some interesting panning aoai. This function may also be used to emulate the characteristics of older drum machines.

Akai MPC Forums – akai s operators manual : Studio Set Up & Gear Advice

It can be inverted at the modulation input stages of each destination to give downward sweeps. In the SXL, we always use another program as the basis for a new one. As an example, you could have five stereo string samples each sampled at G on every octave which could be assigned into such a program. The options available to you are: However, if for the purposes of the guitar sound, you add distortion and EQ and change the chorus to a flange setting, if there is another program in memory that uses that effect preset for example, a strings programit too will be affected.

Page 69 We will now look at the functions of these pages. Re-sampling This is done automatically for you and this field is not accessible. As with all control inputs on the SXL, any combination of controllers can be mixed together.

Env2 – Shaping The Filter This will set how much key position will affect both rate 2 and rate 4. External to reposition each new note according to the position of these controller.


Page If no floppy disk is in the drive, you will be prompted: Once you have set the start and end points, press F8 – – to discard the unwanted audio either side of the start and end point.

Using this, any modulation source may be routed to virtually any control input. Similarly, if you do not like synthesisers and prefer instead to use the SXL for the reproduction of high quality samples of acoustic instruments again, you need not concern yourself with these functions. For setting parameters that affect the sampler as a whole plus access to utilities such as DAT backup, MIDI song file play and hard disk recording For saving programs, samples, multis, effects and operating systems, etc.

This allows you to emulate the natural tremolo of flutes, woodwind, brass and other such instruments when set to small modulation amounts. You will receive this screen display: To round things off, each keygroup has no less than four zones and a program may ‘look’ something like this: You will find this function of every keygroup page and it can be invaluable in making up and editing programs quickly. Once set, you may turn this on and off freely in the field. In some cases, as explained below, deleting a program will also delete samples.

When applied to pitch it can be set manula give trills or large octave jumps. The SXL is no exception and has powerful multi-timbral capabilities. Each of the elements in a layered or split multi could be assigned to separate outputs where they may be mixed and processed on an external mixing console.

These offer three distinctly different edits depending on what it is you want to achieve.

This only became apparent when you tried to perform a snare roll or something similar. By applying akkai to panning, each note will be in a different position in the stereo image. There are no modulation inputs s3000x LF Getting Around The Sxl In this example, you have loaded a variety of programs some of which have the same program number, others of which are non-sequential.

If your a complete newb to sampling then the Sxl manual will get you going just fine