Hothouse predicted global warming Armageddon back in the s. But don’t turn to this volume for its science, which is dodgy at best. Instead. Buy Hothouse (Penguin Modern Classics) Reprint by Brian Aldiss, Neil Gaiman ( ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and. Hothouse [Brian Wilson Aldiss] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In this award-winning science fiction adventure, radiation from the dying.

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Nov 06, Ivana rated it really liked it. Recently when it was given to me as a present, I had a chance to reread it- and I really liked it again. Hothousse fascinating observation is that almost all of his novels are narratives of exploration in one way or another, with the possibility of personal enlightenment open to the protagonists. In fact, the more I think about, the more I hothousse it after the fact than I did while reading it.

Both, and I suspect that is a particularly sharp feature in British writing when there is not just the taking into account of the reality of living with the possibility of destruction through atomic war but also an adaptation to the loss of Empire, have a sense of human societies and civilisations as transitory. How anyone could survive in such a setting for a month, let alone long enough to grow up and reproduce, is inconceivable.

These include alternate ecologies near the sea, the twilight zones between perpetual light and dark, and even a journey to the moon. Complete list Retro — — — —present. In their knotty entrails they had refined and mixed them.

Consequently, our protagonists have little time to experience any deep thoughts, being mainly preoccupied with staying alive. They find themselves at the terminatorthe boundary between the day and night hotohuse.

Latching itself to the brains of two human outcasts it learns our collective history from ‘the extraordinary ancestral compost heap’ of their unconscious minds.

Other stuff seems to be going hothose about class, but the pleasure of Hothouse lies not in allegory, but in its wild and hallucinatory invention. Yeah, the science here is, well, complete and utter bollocks!

Sep 10, A. Might try this one too. Well, there isn’t much of a plot to speak of. So, imagine how happy I was when my brother gave me this book for Christmas and it was such a pretty edition too.


Life as predator and prey not always easy, tigerflies, trappersnappers, vegbirds, and the plethora of wldiss fantastic creatures fill the tale. I found this fact to be one of the most effective terrifying aspects of the opening chapters and can still graphically imagine uncountable claws and mouths spurting forth from the darkness below.

It’s not just pulp fiction – it’s vegetable-pulp fiction!

You are commenting using your WordPress. In addition to being delightfully strange, Aldkss takes full advantage of the philosophical possibilities of the Dying Earth setting.

At the “Skirt of the black mouth”, an unknown creature with Siren -like capabilities almost leads them to their deaths. Harbouring ambitions of world domination, this morel represents and finally explains man’s urge to power.

Could the revolution of the Earth really wind down to a “standstill, until day and night slowed, becoming fixed forever”? As for man, he is now a foot and a half high, green, and running scared all the time The very best sf hothouee tackle any theme,no matter how fabular I think,with ingenuity and insight,and make it tangible intellectually or imaginably.

Dispatched from the UK in 2 business days When will my order arrive? This novel is fantastic in every sense of the word. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Of Mice and Men John Steinbeck. The jungle canopy and Ground too dangerous, small human tribes eke out an existence amongst the branches.

Hothouse – Brian Aldiss

Aleiss fungus or the morel – what a brilliant idea! Escaping, they meet the Tummy-belly men, some of whom they free by cutting the umbilical cords by which they are attached to a parasitic tree.

Linked aliss the morel in a symbiotic relationship, Gren and others are led on a journey that eventually takes them to the dark side of the planet. That’s fine – except nothing about the book is strong enough to carry it as a fantasy, either. But everything was pretty plain here.

I read hothouse in my late teens along with other sci fantasy and science…. Life is aldixs tangled mess of interlocking cycles, a mass of chaos from first glance that hides the structure and order of the kill-or-be-killed jungle.

This presents it’s own difficulties, as Aldiss writes here “whereas I had adjusted to the squalor and poverty of India, I hated the squalor gothouse poverty, allied to the depressing climate, of my homeland” p Actually, “journey” is perhaps too charitable.


Speculiction Review of “Hothouse” by Brian Aldiss

Animal life on Earth consists only in few humans – intelectually devolved and physically different from what they used to be — and a couple of insects. I feel safe in proclaiming that no sci-fi novel offer more ways to die at the hands branches? Even though I loved the worldbuilding, the characters put me off. Then, the world building. When the sun aged and became deadly to the fungus, mankind fell into the state of beasts again.

I have a penchant for the “plants taking over the world” subgenre so all the lifeforms talked about in the novel were fascinating to me. The story unfolds more like a Homeric epic, or perhaps an Old Testament story, with counterparts here to an exile from a Garden of Eden and the wandering exploits of a chosen people seeking a homeland. The tribe has pieces of carved wood which they carry around, and call their souls! After recent reads of science books on the current human caused threats to biological diversity of the planet, it was fascinating for me to experience a scenario where excessive diversity among plants puts us almost out of the picture.

Or make that silliness, when the names of the dominant plants arise: I got this from Netgalley. It would be interesting to begin this review with the number of what-ifs Brian Aldiss based his novel Hothouse on, hyper-greenhouse effects, locked planetary rotations, sentient flora, etc.

Or, at least there didn’t seem to be for over half of the book more on that later ; just a bunch of fairy-sized proto-humans running around trying to survive. I read this book, for a first time,a long time ago. A far-future earth dominated by colossal plants with giant spiders crawling from the Millions of years into the future, the Earth is tidally locked with the sun and the sunny side is dominated by a banyan tree of mind-boggling size.