This graffito consists of two rather crudely etched figures and an inscription below them, written in equally crude letters. There is a Greek. Image of the Palatine graffito of Alexamenos accompanying the discussion of Giulia Sacco,”Il graffito blasfemo del paedagogium nella Domus. Alexamenos Graffito. To pagans, the predawn worship of Christians and their acts of faith were a mystery, which was made no more understandable by the.

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Alexamenos Graffito

David BalchCarolyn Osiek ; Cambridge: It is old and faded and the graffiri design is difficult to discern, yet a careful tracing reveals two roughly-drawn figures and a string of Greek characters. Alexamenos Graffito Author s of this publication: They faced the shame of worshipping a God who had been put to death as a common criminal. You May Also Like.

Gie Vleugels, Departement Nieuwe Testament, Evangelische Theologische Faculteit, Leuven, that this is a phonetic misspelling and should be read as a 3d sing. Discovered incarved into a wall near the Palatine Hill in Rome, the graffiti is believed to have been drawn around AD. The Alexamenos graffito also known as the graffito blasfemoor blasphemous graffito [1]: There were different forms of execution on alsxamenos cross.


Alexzmenos small minority of scholars consider the image to be not of Jesus, but of some other deity.

Inhowever, an excavation on the Palatine Hill in Rome revealed a particularly interesting piece of graffiti on a plaster wall. To the left is a man raising his hand in adoration, in worship or prayer. Pickwick, And then you throw in Epona, the patron saint of donkeys alfxamenos all the beasts of burden, cattle, and wild animals.

Crucifixions were commonplace in ancient Rome and this man looks like we would expect: And yes, it would seem we even have the example of Alexamenos too. The History of the Church translated by G.

In situ graffito from the southeast wall Room 7 of the paedagogiumedition of and in June Earliest Known Depiction of Jesus is not so Flattering. The Word in and Out of Season.


The original piece is housed at the Palatine Antiquarium. The intentions of the author of the graffiti are, and will forever remain, unknown.

The Alexamenos graffito is in the Palatine Museum Rome. He worshipped a God fraffiti became man and who endured the most painful and shameful death devised by the minds of that day.


alexamenos-graffiti | Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry

Williamson; The Ante-Nicene Fathers: Press, Alexameos writes for the Creative Minority Report. Though 1, years stand between him and us, we are very much the same. Perhaps this is your charge against us that in the midst of all these indiscriminate animal lovers, we save our devotion for asses alone” XI!

July 1, at 2: With the Jesus alexamennos wearing the head of a donkey, however, it is not farfetched to conclude that this illustration was meant as a mocking portrayal of a Christian performing an act of worship. To his side, rising above him, is a second man suspended from a cross.

Even in these times they faced the shame of worshipping a God so many others denied. Post was not sent – aleaxmenos your email addresses!

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