9 results for Books: “ALEXANDRU TICLEA” TRATAT DE DREPTUL MUNCII LEGISLATIE DOCTRINA JURISPRUDENTA EDITIA A X-A ACTUALIZATA. Alexandru Ticlea Tratat De Dreptul Muncii Pdf 19 DOWNLOAD 4bbbd Cartea Tratat de dreptul muncii – Editia a IV-a in varianta pdf si ePUB. 2. 1 Published in Official Gazette no. / 2 Sanda Ghimpu, Alexandru Ticlea, “Dreptul muncii, curs universitar”, Ed. AII Beck, Bucuresti, , pag. 5.

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Membru asociat Comandor, Prof. Romanian language and classical languages. Associate Member Commander, Professor, Ph. Associate Member Romanian gynaecologist, specialist in laparoscopic surgery laparoscopyoncologic surgery and colposcopy. In addition to the provisions of the Labour Code which concern only the obligation of entry of the period of secondment, Government Decision no.

Membru asociat Colonel rconf. Honorary Member Professor, Ph. Membru asociat Profesor universitar drepul, Oradea. Associate Member Military, historian, journalist, Bucharest. Membru onorific Profesor universitar doctor, Cluj-Napoca. Biological sciences, pharmacology, biotechnologies, dermato-cosmetics, biochemistry, cellular and molecular biology, expertise in developing and implementing advanced strategies of research in order to obtain certain pharmaceuticals and cosmetics based on high class biologically active compounds with vegetable or marine origins.

Associate Member Colonel, Professor, Ph. Start display at page:. Data transmission and telecommunications: B Individual employment contract modification procedure in the case of failure by individual employee performance objectives During the execution of the individual employment contract, amendment of any of its clauses is done usually by agreement, ending an addendum ad validitatem written requirement imposed by changes to art.

Introductory issues A General legal issues concerning individual employment contract modification Adapting a gainful economic or technological developments may require modification of the individual employment contract under which the activity is performed, taking into account the intrinsic dynamism of employment.


Changing individual employment contract unilaterally can occur in cases the employee is passed to another work 7. Previously change individual employment contract, the employer must inform the employee of the terms upon which they intend to change according to art.

Cuprins Concedierea. Teorie Si Jurisprudenta

Romanian gynaecologist, specialist in laparoscopic surgery laparoscopyoncologic surgery and colposcopy. Military logistics, psycho-pedagogy, organisational management and planning of defence resources, logistic procedures used in NATO, mobilisation of defence resources, planning and organising joint alexanvru military actions; planning of effects-based operations in current military coalitions.

Senior researcher, chemical engineer, Ph. Membru asociat Profesor dreptl doctor inginer agronom, rector Universitatea Bioterra. Individual employment contract is governed, in terms of its effects, and the provisions of principle of art of the Civil Code That valid contract has the force of law between the contracting parties”. Acts on changing individual employment freptul shall be included in the register of the employees that every employer is obliged to prepare, according to art. The possibility of inserting the individual employment contract other terms than those governed by the laws is certain, arising from the principle of freedom of will, a flexible vision on the regulation of labor relations 8.

But in economic terms for failure individual performance objectives, are possible other measures, less drastic, such as exclusion from bonuses, exclusion from promotion, change of place of work or type of work, with the consent of concerned, disciplinary sanctions other tkclea disciplinary dismissal etc.


In legal doctrine 15 was formulated and the opposite view, according to which these “objective” means a specific quantity and quality of service tasks. In reality, as indicated in legal doctrine 4, all terms even those unnamed have the force of law to the parties, they cannot be modified, usually only by their consent.


Studii asupra bolilor proliferative la plante considerate a fi produse de virusuri. Initially, as a result of information selected by the employer of the person art. Honorific Member Geologist, Professor, Ph. In fact, due to the individual employment contract is through its execution.

Generalship, psycho-pedagogy, security and national defence; logistics of groups of forces at the beginning of the century and millennium; maintenance of military equipment; preparation and conduct of military actions in the new world geopolitical and geostrategic context.

CV Honorary Member The principle of “pacta sunt servanda”, based on respect for moral demands of his word and the need for legal certainty imposed by society, finds its place in the more labor 2. Areas of scientific competence: Discussing about “individual performance goals” cannot ignore the rules work, rreptul standardization, which also is a prerogative of the employer To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy.

Associate Member Senior researcher, chemical engineer, Ph. Associate Member Associate professor, Ph. Consequently, the salary is automatically increased in close correlation with the cost of living.

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