In high flood this great acreage of sand, shingle-beds, and willow-grown islands is almost topped by the water, but in normal seasons the bushes bend and. The Willows has ratings and reviews. Henry said: H. P. Lovecraft called The Willows, by Algernon Blackwood a great name by the way, the best. The Project Gutenberg EBook of The Willows, by Algernon Blackwood This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions.

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Was it merely subjective? A difficulty in breathing woke me, and I found the blanket over my face. Throughout the story Blackwood personifies the surrounding environment—river, sun, wind—and imbues them with a powerful and ultimately threatening character.

I got up to follow him, for he merely nodded his head gravely and led the way towards the tent a few yards on the other side of the fireplace. His father was a Post Office administrator who, according to Peter Penzoldt, “though not devoid of genuine good-heartedness, had appallingly narrow religious ideas. It was triangular in shape, with the apex up stream.

The Willows by Algernon Blackwood

Great crumblings of the banks occurred at breakfast, with heavy splashings and clouds of spray which the wind brought into our frying-pan, and my fellow-traveler talked incessantly about the difficulty the Vienna-Pesth steamers must have to find the channel in flood.

Grab an excellent copy from Feedbooks and indulge: For he had just opened his eyes and wil,ows his tired face up to me so that the dawn threw a pale light upon it through the doorway, and said, for all the willowz just like a frightened child: Sometimes it was overhead, and sometimes it seemed under the water.

I really hardly knew what was happening. Racing along at twelve kilometers an hour soon took us well into Hungary, and the muddy waters–sure sign of flood–sent us aground on many a shingle-bed, and twisted us like a cork in many a sudden belching whirlpool before the towers of Pressburg Hungarian, Poszony showed against the sky; and then the canoe, leaping like a spirited horse, flew at top speed under the grey walls, negotiated safely the sunken chain of the Fliegende Brucke ferry, turned the corner sharply to the left, and plunged on yellow foam into the wilderness of islands, sandbanks, and swamp-land beyond–the land of the willows.


The simile seemed to me at the time an exact parallel. The pair are eventually forced onto a sandy island by rough waters and here begins an ordeal that absolutely defines the slow, steady creation of increasing dread and horror through subtlety and understated language.

I know the writing style, the atmosphere, the gothic terror tone, were all weaved together to make a story that is surreal and messes with your head What a beautifully written atmospheric and creepy story this was. I swayed for a moment in the wind like a tree, finding it hard to keep my upright position on the sandy hillock. But this means a radical alteration, a blacwood change, a horrible loss of oneself algerbon substitution — far worse than slgernon, and not even annihilation.

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It was the only thing to do: The forces of the region drew nearer with the coming of night. Strange thoughts like these, bizarre fancies, borne I know not whence, found lodgment in my mind as I stood listening. I suppose they believe in fairies and elementals, possibly demons, too. Bathing under such conditions was an exhilarating operation, and the terror of the night seemed cleansed out of me by a process of evaporation in the brain. This time it really was a man, and what was more, a man in a boat.

Neither the otter nor the boatman, for instance, received the honor of a single mention, though ordinarily these would have furnished discussion for the greater part of the evening.

The Willows (story) – Wikipedia

But all these, at one point or another, somewhere link on intimately with human life and human experience. It was the way he caught at me in falling. It is easy for us to relate with the two men as they go through this dark experience.

Outside there was a sound of multitudinous little patterings. But I tell you now it is–neither. We tumbled together on to the hard sand so that our feet splashed into the water. They were nude, fluid shapes, passing up the bushes, within the leaves almost — rising up in a living column into the heavens.


Full text of “The Willows”

The firelight was enough to smoke and see each other’s faces by, and the sparks flew about overhead like fireworks. The clouds were massed all over the sky, and no trace of moonlight came through. If an individual Project Gutenberg-tm electronic work is posted with the permission of the copyright holder, your use and distribution must comply with both paragraphs 1. I saw it through a veil that hung before my eyes like the gauze drop-curtain used at the back of a theater–hazily a little.

It was told through the POV singular, and the lead was an interesting man because he was intelligent but fond of self-delusion for the sake of peace. In spite of the hot night, I felt clammy with cold and shivered. It was shivery work!

It was impossible to feel annoyed with the river’s vagaries after seeing a deer leap with a splash into the water at sunrise and swim past the bows of the canoe; and often we saw fawns peering at us from the underbrush, or looked straight into the brown eyes of a stag as we charged full tilt round a corner and entered another reach of the river. Unfortunately, Blackwood, who was familiar with Lovecraft’s work, failed to return the compliment.

Algernpn first I heard only the deep note of the water and the hissings rising from its turbulent surface. Project Gutenberg is a registered trademark, and may not be used if you charge for the eBooks, unless you receive specific permission. I dashed out in a mad run, seized by a dreadful agitation, and the moment I was out I plunged into a sort of torrent of humming that surrounded me completely and came out of every quarter of the heavens at once.

The wind buffeted me about, and, very quickly it seemed, the sun came up over the horizon, for it was after four o’clock, and I must have stood on that little pinnacle of sand longer than I knew, afraid to blacmwood down to close quarters with the willows.