Jesus es un niño no tiene piernas por razones congénitas. Presenta amputación derecha desarticulado de rodilla e izquierda abajo de rodilla. Ver más. de edad operada de amputación de Chopart pos- terior a herida por arma de . médica y se le propone amputación transtibial del miem- bro pélvico derecho. AMPUTACION TRANSTIBIAL FUNCIONAL. from Fernando Noriega. LIVE. 0. Like. Add to Watch Later. Share. Player error. The player is having.

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Classification of papers according to the level of scientific evidence. Altered tranatibial affects the bodily-space component, as well as postural control and other physical qualities, which require a specific management with physiotherapy intervention.

In the process of content and construct validation, no differences were found regarding the views of experts on battery tests; transtibiao, approval of all the proposed items was obtained and recommendations to facilitate the use and battery apmutacion were provided. Such is the case of the intensity of muscle contraction, myoelectric manifestation of muscle fatigue and recruitment of motor units, for, subsequently, manifesting activation of muscle spindle Med Sci Sports Exerc.

For this test, data on activation time and amplitude values that give information about recruitment and muscle activation, will be reported.

Now, construct validity is defined as the degree to which an instrument measures the evaluative dimension for which it was designed. Stress distribution of AK prosthetic socket.

This test is performed by direct percussion of the patellar tendon 3. This wellbeing is related mainly to a minimal energetic output of patient and to the lack of diseases of residual joints induced by the prosthesis during the gait.


Regarding the additional test conducted for unipodal support of the muscle spindle 18 through SEMG, it is possible to say that this instrument manages to record directly muscle spindle activity and complements proprioceptive information to establish the condition of the subject. Therefore, each height is related to the degrees of movement of the knee joint. This is done because amputacin joint position sense JPS provides the body with information about the speed and direction of active and passive movements without visual control Close and don’t show again Close.

Diseño de Protesis para Amputación Transtibial by Andres Ulloa on Prezi

The patient must take a step forward and one step back depending on the orders provided by the therapist, and without visual aids; therefore, platforms should be perceived in advanced.

J Sci Med Sport.

Steps will be taken on different platforms. Term search Jobs Translators Clients Forums. Similarly, the test on one foot has been widely used for the measurement trabstibial functional joint stability, because it reproduces the forces encountered during activities in a controlled environment 8. Assessment of joint reproduction is another sub-modality of proprioception, whose measurement is done through the identification of a static transfibial angle with replication methods Each proposed item correlates to activation of proprioceptive receptors involved in the execution of each test.


To propose and validate a proprioceptive assessment battery in transtibial amputees with prostheses. This generates changes that directly or indirectly affect proprioception 5so physiotherapeutic management is required.

This will be actively done on ttranstibial limb to be evaluated; the subject maintains the position for a few seconds and goes back to the initial position 11 through the reproduction of movements at specific angles It also has information about materials and instruments, patient position, therapist position, verbal commands, test records and scores David Russell KudoZ activity Questions: To achieve this, a set of five electrodes should be placed as transtibkal Walking symmetry and energy cost in persons with unilateral transtibial amputations: This technique detects and analyses the electrical potential produced during muscle contractions.


They shall be made in bilateral, passive and active way, with and without using prostheses in static and dynamic conditions, which will determine the proprioceptive condition of subjects. Arch Phys Med Transtiblal.

Post Your ideas for ProZ. Manipulations of leg mass and moment of inertia: Thus, the following tests were proposed:. Rev Iberoam Fisioter Kinesiol.

AMPUTACIÓN TRANSTIBIAL by Daniela Vargas on Prezi Next

Login or register free and only takes a few minutes to participate in this question. The analysis was performed taking into account the criteria established by Palisano incited in Alvis et al. Taken from a letter to a Spanish medical journal, describing the case of a woman suffering phantom limb pain.

For this test, an angular identifier was designed Figure 2. Review native language verification applications submitted by your peers. The next test is based on some principles of cognitive therapeutic exercise Perfetti methodwhere each change of position involving support transfers and postural adjustments requires tone, sensation and predisposing factor adjustment for controlling body movement Descriptive-purposeful study in which information was gathered to propose a battery test based on scientific evidence available.